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Rodimus said:
The only comics I need to read to see Barry's resurrection are "DC Universe" #0 and the "Final Crisis" LS, right? I originally started reading "Flash: Rebirth," thinking it'd all be there as in "GL: Rebirth," but...

I thought Flash: Rebirth had a really weak beginning. Barry Allen's back, he's already been reunited with his friends off-panel and now he's got nothing more to do than wander around the Flash Museum. It felt like you were joining a story in progress rather than reading a #1 issue, which is exactly what happened. But being that it was a #1, I think it should have recapped the relevant story bits and put the JLA and Flash Family reunions on-panel.

Kelson said:
Zolomon was de-powered during Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge. Thawne has been dead. His resurrection hasn't been explained yet, but will probably figure into Blackest Night.

I thought the explanation for Thawne currently being here is that this is Thawne from before he came back and got killed by Barry.

The main thing I didn't like about this book is that it really feels like the story itself is less important than shifting characters around and spackling over rough patches in continuity.

That seems like half to 75% of comics being published these days. They're all inventory stories. Who's got what power, is on what team, how he survived his last perceieved death, etc, is mainly what books focus on. Especially team books, where it takes them 6 issues to assemble a team and by #7 they are recruiting new members and kicking out old members.

TJ Burns said:
Anything else we'd ever heard is now retconned. Which includes Jay's metagene.

I doubt it. Regardless of what bit of his origin has been retconned, there was still a period rather recently when Bart absorbed the entire Speed Force into himself and Jay still had his powers, due to his metagene. It's like when Ronnie Raymond lost the Firestorm matrix but later gained a duplicate set of powers from his metagene. Jay has both going for him.

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