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Subj: Silver Age "Gauntlet of Super-Villains" issue and current Rogues stories (to answer TJ Burns & Omar Karindu, and to continue the topic)
Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2010 at 02:23:45 pm GMT (Viewed 358 times)

Hello, again, I cannot answer on my own thread below (LOL).
So, I am continuing here.

To TJ Burns => I recently bought the "Flash vs Rogues" paperback.
It is a good read : most of the key ideas are already there.

You are right : if you read the issue, you really have the feeling that Mirror Master would be the one leading the team (even if they are actually manipulated by Grodd).

Blackest Night Flash # 2 spoiler : obviously, Sam Scudder seems to have the upper hand against McCulloch. I wonder if Geoff Johns plan is actually to bring back the Silver Age villains at the end of Blackest Night (like he brought back Sinestro) or if he has other plans ?

He spent a lot of time to develop the background of McCulloch. So it would be quite a surprise if Sam Scudder comes back (for example, in the body of McCulloch ...)

To Omar Karindu => I was pleasantly surprised by the background of the Rogues in the Silver Age stories. Most of them were actually "hardboiled criminals" before even starting a super-villain career.
I thought very interesting that Mardon was on the run from US Marshalls and that Dillon was already an insane mass murderer who wanted to be the top criminal in the world.

Blackest Night Flash 2 spoiler : I really like Geoff Johns' idea of Weather Wizard & the Top planning to take control of the Rogues gang.
It is so logical on so many levels :
- they "wear the same colors" (green & yellow)
- Mardon betrayed his brother & tried to sacrifice his own son
- Mardon replaced Dillon among the Rogues
- When you think about it, Mardon does not need Cold & Heatwave's powers (he can duplicate them with his weather powers), he does not seem to like very much Axel and Mirror Master II is a mercenary (so you can buy him)
- It seems like the most interesting conclusion of what Geoff Johns planned for his "Rogues War" during his original run on the Flash. It is quite obvious that he did not have time to finish what he started and that's what he is currently doing in both the Final Crisis Rogues Revenge limited series and the Blackest Night Flash limited series.