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I said years ago on the old DC boards that the Flash's firetruck-red uniform looked silly and needed to be toned down if the character was ever going to be taken seriously by the mainstream, and every person who responded trolled me for saying it. And now of course many of those same people will be thrilled by the sight of this.

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At first glance it evoked Daredevil to me. Taking time to consider this I do feel this suit isn't at all bad. The Red has been reduced to a deep burgundy and lighting will play an important part of the finished production design. I am guessing The Flash will be mostly nocturnal which is a huge benefit, but compare it to the John Wesley Shipp and thee is little comparison. I felt that that series was very well made in production terms so have high hopes that this modern update will take full advantage of modern shooting techniques.

When 'Arrow' premiered it had a very similar trepidation about it from onlookers. Would this superhero 'Robin Hood' work? What would be the format? When they introduced the new mask a few months ago it looked silly. But as I say a stills photo is not the best way to judge this sort of thing as the finished result on-screen will have the benefits of sympathetic lighting, judicious camera work, and effects laid over it.

This could be another Winner. But the format has to be there to support this window dressing....

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Just because they've gone that way doesn't mean it's the right way to do it, nor does it mean the traditional look is wrong for the small or big screen.

The old Flash series did the costume pretty well.

I don't like the absence of the yellow boots, the red background on the chest emblem, nor the lightning bolt earcups. (I still say the earcups look like the ones from that badly done Justice League pilot from years ago.)

Of course, I don't like Superman's costume without the red trunks, or Wonder Woman's emblem, belt, or tiara not being gold, being silver/gray instead.

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I like it

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