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Subj: Flash Ep 8 part 1 of the Arrow crossover
Posted: Wed Dec 03, 2014 at 04:41:01 am GMT (Viewed 291 times)

New meta human comes around and he can look at people which makes them berzerk. He uses his power to rob a bank while the patrons are berzerk.

Edward Thawne now is trying to get the police Captain to setup a task force to stop The Flash......interesting. Edward just went back on the Reverse Flash suspect list.

Arrow and crew arrive with a boomerang that was used to kill someone in Star City so that Starlabs can analyze it.

Oliver and Barry agree to team up to stop the meta human who has been named Prism.

Barry confronts Prism alone and gets a rage whammy and Prism escapes. Barry is unaffected at first but then starts going crazy.

Flash then intercepts Thawne and starts smacking him around and super speed

Dr Wells deduces that Oliver is the Arrow and Wells and Joe make it clear they do not trust Arrow and want him out of the city. However due to Barry being berzerk, Wells asks Felicity to contact Oliver to stop Barry.

Through trickery and luck Oliver holds off the Flash until Wells and Joe arrive to give Barry a spectrum light show to calm him back down.

Arrow and Flash then rejoin forces to stop Prism.

After the commercial break, we see them locking up Prism in a special cell. Oliver then speaks to Wells and crew about the fact that they must not disclose who he is, Felicity steps in to polish the message.

Felicity asks Kaitlyn to help analyze DNA from Canary's murder.

Wells tells Oliver that he met his father once and they shake hands.

As Oliver leaves he tells Felicity that there is something "off" about Wells.

Edward Thawne tells Iris that the Captain now authorizes the task force about the Flash.

Oliver gives Barry advice that he needs to let Iris go. Flash later speaks to Iris who no longer trusts him and tells him to never speak to her again.

Before Oliver leaves he runs into an old girlfriend.

Episode ends with some punks confronting someone under a bridge who is shaking and then stands up and is radiating fire from his head and hands......given that Ronnie was referenced again in this episode, I'd say that perhaps we just saw Firestorm?