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Subj: The Flash Ep 10 Revenge of the Rogues
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barry is training with the aid of Cisco remote controlling drones that are shooting bullets and missiles at him.

Barry gets knocekd off his feet by a missile then stops as another one is fired. Wells nearly breaks his cover at this point as he starts to move as if to get out of his chair, luckily no one was looking at him at the moment. Barry instead uses his speed to grab the missile and alter its course back to the drone.

Wells states Barry's speed and reaction time are improving. Barry states it is not enough as he must beat the man in the yellow suit. Cisco then coins him the Reverse Flash. Wells says he likes the name...

Cisco then states the next drones have lasers on them and Barry is up for it but Wells and the other assistant say "NO!"

Captain Cold teams with Heatwave and executes a break in and later a robbery of a rich painting to draw out the Flash, but Flash is a no show both times. Wells is getting Barry to prioritize his training so that he can take on the Reverse Flash and Barry agrees with Wells, but Joe disagrees.

The police use modified SWAT shields that can generate heat to h Captain cold's gun, and they work until Heatwave lights things up. Cops are burned but no fatalities.

Barry decides enough is enough and is determined to get them when they attack again. However they kidnap her after she speaks to someone about the FIRESTORM project as she quests after Ronnie. They broadcast a challenge to meet them on the streets that night for a showdown.

the cops show up and stand around looking stupid as Flash appears and is now seen by all the cops and the public for the first time as he fights Cold and Heatwave.

The plan is to get the two villains to cross the streams of their guns so that they cancel each other out. Cisco and Barry make a nice Ghostbusters reference at that plan.

So Flash is zipping all over the place, surprisingly getting tagged at times by the beams despite his speed and maneuverability. They bring him down and Eddie steps in with one of the special shields to give Flash a few moments to recover and get them both out of the line of fire.

Flash then decides to slow down and let the beams hit him so that he can run between them and cross the streams. It works and they both go down. The police let STAR labs confiscate the guns and STAR Labs gains some needed good karma with the police for the shields. Flash is seen as a hero.

Iris moves out of home to live with Eddie. Joe is of course a depressed Dad about his baby daughter leaving and he and Barry talk and Barry moves back in for many reasons, one of which is that it is tricky to zip in and out of his apartment without people seeing.

Episode ends with Cold and Heat in the prison transport, and Cold assures Heat that things have changed now that the Flash has gone public. Something outside attacks the van and Cold states it is part of the plan. The doors are opened and he smiles and says "Hi, sis!"

End of ep.

No Reverse Flash appearance in this episode, Barry is still rightfully spooked after his encounter with RF. Wells states they are working as fast as possible to hone Barry's powers, speed and reflexes so that he can take on the Reverse Flash. Thus lending proof to the theory that Reverse Flash is indeed making Barry into the hero that will save them in the Crisis in 2024.

Basically it is a "I want to kill you, Flash! But I can't as the future needs you so I will be the villain to your hero to force you to keep training and upgrading!"

A hero is not much of a hero without villain to fight, especially a nemesis and that is the Reverse Flash.

Captain Cold clearly wanted to kill Flash in this fight, but planned ahead for possible defeat. Now that the Flash has gone public, and Cold and Heatwave are free from prison, they can keep on attacking and attacking thus forcing Flash to face them or his reputation will tank. Also they may try to somehow frame Flash for crimes. Or eventually the public will blame the Flash for the villain attacks, which technically is true since Snart stepped up his game to counter the Flash in the first place.

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