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Subj: Flash Ep 12
Posted: Tue Feb 03, 2015 at 10:50:51 pm CST (Viewed 392 times)

Episode starts with flash back to past 2 eps then begins with people stuck in an overturned car and sparking powerlines about to blow up the car. Flash saves them and leaves.

Back at Star Labs, they note that Barry is faster then ever and Barry knows he can go even faster with more training.

Barry heads home and Cisco and she argue about how Cisco is still hunting for Ronnie after what the Piper told him.

At the prison a car pulls up and a woman in it checks the prison with a telescope then TELEPORTS INSIDE. She smashes some cameras then looks around for a specific cell and teleports her and the inmate back to her car. They are lovers of course or at least partners in crime.

Joe talks to Barry about how they vanished from the cell. Barry finds residue from the teleporting, then the guards bring his dad to see him and Joe. Henry expresses confidence that Barry will figure out how they escaped. joe tells Barry the guard owed him a favor which was how he got to see his dad.

At the escapees hide out they chat, she states she had blackouts until she learned to control her power. She states her power is limited by line of sight. Basically her teleport power is the same as Nightcrawler of the X-men, minus the brimstone stench.

At Star Labs they analyze the residue and it contains DNA of the teleporter, she has a criminal record and is easily found in the data base. They figure if they find her they find Clay Parker.

Cisco visits the Piper. We learn that both Ronnie and Professor Stein was at Star labs the night of the explosion. Piper tells him the mystery isn't why Stein was at Star Labs but why he never left. Cisco refuses to release the Piper. He assures him he is not lying.

At the coffeshop, Barry and Iris talk, she tells him how she needs a story about the Flash.

Cisco speaks to Piper, and cuffs him as a prelude to releasing him.

Barry and Joe talk to Barry's dad at prison, he tells them about the escapee. Barry warns him to be safe and not play cop in prison.

Outside the lab, Cisco and Piper talk, Piper shows him a bomb shadow on a wall. Piper tells him that shadow was once Martin Stein. Cisco doesn't believe him, they fight and Cisco uses hypersonics to give Piper a debilitating ear ache and demands information on Ronnie. Cisco switches it off and warns him to not resist ever again. Piper tells him to remove the cuffs as where they will go will be conspicuous.

Barry and harper talk about the study of the particles, then deviate into how she feels she doesn't have a life and barry tells her his life compares of speed and netflix. They then get an alarm about the escapees. Barry zooms into action.

She eludes him then leaves him hanging on a ledge and goes back to her car. Barry approaches her then stops and then manages to catch a bullet that nearly hit him in the head from behind and collapses.

At Star Labs, he jokes how he's faster then a speeding bullet, he has a small wound where it hit but it didn't break his skin.

Barry offers to help Iris with a story but she and Eddie are going to dinner at his mom's.

he then calls Star Labs for data on where the escapees hang out, and she offers to join him at the bar. They chat about their lives

At the police station, Cisco and Piper talk and states how Stein was an expert at transmutation of elements. They watch a video of what happened to Stein and they see that they became MERGED in the explosion.
Piper then takes out the sonic ear piece from his ear and beats Cisco and escapes.

At the Bar, she dares/begs Barry to join her in Karoke. She is sufficiently buzzed. They start singing on the stage "Summer Loving". After they sing, she staggers to the bathroom and begins to close his tab out, when a girl named Linda approaches the bar and chats with Barry. She then gives him her phone number and leaves.

The escapees are paying off the guy they owe money too, and he forces her to teleport. He offers to have them work with him stating that the future can be lucrative if they team up. The police then raid the place and Clay gets shot down, she then teleports them away.

Barry runs her home so she can rest. She starts to undress and asks for his help and he uses his speed to dress her in her pajamas. he tucks her in to sleep and she asks him to stay until she goes to sleep.

At Star Lab the next day, she is hung over as Barry greets her.
Cisco tells them that Piper is gone, and that he freed him.
He tells them what he learned of what happened to Ronnie and how he was forced to seal him into the accelerator before it blew, and apologizes for that. She forgives him then states they need to catch the teleporter.

Wells then shows them a theory he has, that she can only teleport if she can see where she is going.

Barry then gets a call that his dad was stabbed in prison and goes to see him with Joe. Barry's dad gave him the intel that led to the raid that led to the arrest of Marcus, the main criminal and the wounding of Clay.
Barry and his dad have some words and he then asks who did this to him, it as a criminal named Julius. Julius then gets a visit from a very angry FLASH who zips him out of the prison and demands information or he will be caught escaping. He gives him the info and then leaves him to be captured and get the extra 5 years.

Barry confronts them and is getting hit by the teleporter at first then Clay attempts to run him down. Wells reminds Barry she needs to see to teleport and Barry races after them. Barry smashes their headlights and the tunnel headlights to limit her vision. The car stop and we see that Clay left her.

She ends up locked in a cell at Star Labs, her cell is mirrored with one way glass so she can't teleport out.

Barry then chats with Caitlin about them and about Ronnie and she decides it is time to move on with her life and find someone else. Things then get a bit awkward for a moment with them then they say goodbye. Possible romance in the air.

Flash then gives Iris a story about Clay Parker and the breakout at Iron Heights. Iris then smiles as she got a pic of Flash on her phone.

Barry then arrives at the newspaper to meet Linda for a date. Iris is.....surprised.

Barry then speaks to his father about his dad. They joke and laugh then he shows Barry the latest paper and how it has the pic Iris took of the Flash on it. he then comments how Julius roughed him up and then the Flash took care of Julius. He then tells Barry that if he were the Flash, he would tell him he is a hero who has saved a lot of lives and that his father is proud of him.

Episode ends with two workers checking power lines underground, they hear a noise and then see the word GRODD written on the walls! Grodd then attacks them and the episode ends.

Overall a nice episode, we get more data on Ronnie and Professor Stein and that they are merged into one. Barry and Caitlin may have a romance forming, Barry goes on a date with Linda, another metahuman captured even as Piper is back on the loose, and while it is not directly stated, it seems that Henry Allen (John Wesley Shipp) has connected the dots and done the math and knows Barry is the Flash.

Again, it is not directly stated that he knows, but it is rather obvious. Julius beats up Henry, Henry tells Barry who did it, and then the Flash deals with Julius and leaves him outside to be caught while escaping for another 5 years on his sentence.