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Subj: THE FLASH Feb 17th
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Starts with recap

ep opens with Barry and Caitlin outrunning the blast and then wiping out on the ground. They are both okay but she is freaked about radiation but Barry's suit has a geiger counter in it that registers normal.

The go back to the blast area and we see Ronnie on the ground and his mind is back in his body. Stein is also separated from Ronnie, Barry greets him and of course his mask is off.......the kid needs to learn to keep that mask on

At Star Labs Ronnie and Cisco reunite and Cisco apologizes for locking him in the accelerator room.Stein asks if he can freshen up and get some clean clothes.

General Eiling is back and he is hunting for Firestorm, the military scans the area and Eiling realizes that Firestorm has separated.

Ronnie and Caitlin are happy to be reunited. Wells scans indicate that now they are split they cannot access the power of Firestorm. However both show a body temp of about 106. Stein doesn't care and is being a bit gruff while Ronnie is being a bit lighthearted.

Stein and Ronnie argue about their coexistence and all the problems they had and how Stein kept Ronnie's mind buried. Barry comes with Stein to his home (minus Flash costume), Stein's wife runs out to him and they hug and kiss. Stein thanks Barry for bringing him home and Barry leaves.

At the police station, Barry meets up with Joe. Joe takes Barry to his childhood home, and Barry is shown the images on the mirror, and barry sees his mom and two speedsters around her. Joe tells Barry about the blood and how it is HIS blood, adult Barry blood! Barry realizes then that he tries to stop the Reverse Flash from killing his mom.

At Star Labs, Barry and crew discuss the concept of time travel, Wells states it is possible but problematic. Wells postulates theories that Cisco equates to Terminator and Back to the Future. Wells doesn't know which one it would be.

At the newspaper, Iris talks to her fellow reporter about the accelerator, and how he has looked up the plans for the accelerator. The other reporter speculates that the accelerator exploding was not an accident and hints that Linda should investigate Star Labs.....

Barry goes to Stein's home to talk to him. His wife tells him that Stein despises pizza yet is asking for some pizza and Barry MINUS HIS FLASH SUIT and in front of Stein's wife flashes out to get pizza! So much for the secret ID.......

Barry then asks Stein about time travel and Stein shows him several blackboards of theories about time travel. He thinks time is like a highway and that one must learn how to get onto the highway as it were. Barry asks him if travel into the past is possible and that he may have already traveled into the past.

Stein theorizes that Barry in the future will travel so fast he will smash through he continuum. Barry realizes that he is destined to fail to save his mother when he goes back.

Caitlin is talking with Ronnie at the coffee shop. Ronnie suggests they leave town and start fresh, but she is reluctant. She talks to Ronnie about Barry being the Flash and how they help the city.....great job talking about Barry's secret in public.

Eiling's troops attack, Ronnie gets hurt and Stein feels the affects! Ronnie is captured and Stein senses it. Barry flashes out to save Ronnie as Eiling confronts Ronnie. Eiling wants Firestorm, but Flash arrives and decks the troops. Eiling deploys a fragment grenade designed for the Flash that pierces him with several dozen flechettes. Caitlin saves them and they ride off and Eiling declares they are at war.

At Star Labs, they are trying to pull the metal out of Barry, and Caitlin realizes that the military confiscated the Firestorm data. Stein arrives and they run scans and show that their brainwaves are in total sync. Stein needs to warn his wife, Barry states he can save her if needed.

Barry lets Caitlin and Ronnie hide at Joe's place, Joe chats with them and Iris arrives.

Wells talks to Eiling, and Eiling asks if they are still pulling metal out of Barry Allen.....so basically the military knows Barry's secret.
They talk about Firestorm, and how the future of war has changed thanks to the metahumans. He tells Wells to let him know when he wants to make the right choice about turning Firestorm over to him.

Joe talks to Barry about how he maybe shouldn't have shown Barry the images. Barry states it is okay and they chat about the blood and how it was tested against everyone at Star Labs. Barry deduces that Joe suspects Wells, but Barry vouches for Wells and Joe seems to believe Wells is innocent.....

At Star Labs, Stein and Wells share a drink and chat. They talk about the accident and how Star Labs was wrecked and how Firstorm was activated. Stein then feels lightheaded and passes out. Ronnie senses it and Eiling and troops come to pick up Stein.

At the newspaper, Iris learns of the military attack on Ronnie at the coffeshop and Iris gets more curious about Caitlin and Ronnie, she checks a picture of the burning man and recognizes Ronnie.

At Star Labs they discuss how to find Stein and they all look at Ronnie. Ronnie tries to sense Stein's location and begins to locate him. Eiling talks to Stein about how war has changed over the years and how he wants the Firestorm power for the military. Stein states he'd rather die and Eiling assures Stein he will die. In come the torture people and Eiling comments the last time this was done was to a gorilla.....

Ronnie feels Stein's pain. Eiling let's Stein rest a bit to think things over. Ronnie cuts the word WHERE onto his arm and the word appears on Stein's arm! Stein uses morse code and Ronnie senses it. They determine Stein is 300 miles away at facility 27, and Ronnie is determined to go with Barry to save Stein as he doesn't know what will happen to him if Stein dies. Cisco gives Ronnie the splicer, Caitlin kisses Ronnie and he and Barry head out as Wells watches with a bit of a glare on his face.

Flash and Ronnie arrive, and Ronnie feels pulled to Stein. Wells warns them that Firestorm wants to be whole and that if they merge they may not split apart. Flash zips in and saves Stein. Troops open fire on them and Flash intercepts the missile which appears to be meant for him, it is weaponized phosphorus and Wells tells him to run fast to create a vaccum so he won't burn.

The military attack Ronnie and Stein and Ronnie states they need to merge now. Wells tells them to not fight the merge this time, Ronnie tells Caitlin he loves her. he puts the device on himself and he and Stein merge INTO FIRESTORM!

This time Ronnie is in control with Stein acting as the second mind to help Ronnie use his powers. Eiling uses an ion grenade to destabilize the Firestorm matrix. Eiling is going to kill them when Flash zips up and deckss him. Firstormwants to kill Eiling but Flash tells him they should go.

back at Star Labs, they check Barry's wound and then Stein and Ronnie separate into their selves. Caitlin of course is happy. Stein is pleased they are getting the hang of their mutual powers.

Ronnie and Stein realize they need to go somewhere to hide since Eiling has breached Star Labs. Ronnie promises to return. Stein tells Barry that second chances can happen and that his will come in time.

Ronnie and Stein merge and then Firestorm tells them they love them and flies away.

Caitlin talks to Cisco later at the coffee shop about things and how she loves Ronnie but she has a life now even if Ronnie is gone. Iris arrives and asks about Ronnie whome they told Iris was her cousin from Coast City. Caitlin messes up the cover story and Iris is determined to investigate Star Labs.

Barry and Joe meet at the old house, and Barry tells Joe that the images convey a lesson as to what not to do in that fight and he is determined to change the past and save his mom.

At the base Eiling gets a fast trip from Reverse Flash who zips him far away to a sewer area. Eiling asks who he is and Reverse Flash stops vibrating to blur himself and unmasks to show he is Harrison Wells. Eiling is surprised and Wells states he protects his own. They hear a growl and Wells states it is an old friend of theirs. They hear a voice in their heads and Eiling recognizes it and says "Dear God!" The voice responds as a GORILLA emerges from the shadows and says "Not God.....GRODD!" and drags Eiling away.

End of episode.

Okay so Firestorm is resolved for now.

Barry is determined to not repeat the mistakes he made against Reverse Flash that fateful night and he is determined to save his mom no matter what.

Reverse Flash and Grodd appear to be working together.

Barry however doesn't seem to realize that he is likely trapped in a paradox of time. he knows now he went back that night and failed and knows that he has yet to break the time barrier but that it will likely happen soon. He has studied the images of the fight, though I doubt the whole fight is in those images and is determined to alter the past and save his mom.

I sincerely doubt we are building up to an alternate timeline ala the Flashpoint Paradox story, due to budget and rights issues.

It is far MORE likely that Barry will go back and realize that to keep the future intact, he MUST SAVE HIS YOUNGER SELF while Reverse Flash kills his mom, which is the event that sets him on the path to become the Flash in the first place. Barry will attempt to break the paradox only to find he is bound by the paradox and that night must occur as it did or he himself could cease to exist.

This would be very similar to the story in Babylon 5 regarding Commander Sinclair, Babylon 4 and Valen and how they are forever locked in a moebius strip/temporal circle that they cannot break without the future going to pieces.

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