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Episode opens with a series recap to date then with a flashback to a year ago about how to the two criminals in the pilot ep got hit by the particle explosion.

Now it starts with Barry and Linda on a date at the bowling alley where iris and Eddie happen to be. It turns into an awkward double date.

At the coroner's, he is interrupted by the new Weather Wizard's arrival, he wants to know the name of the cop that killed his brother, the first weather wizard. He is not asking nicely

At Star Labs, Wells and Cisco are watching old movies and Cisco refuses to go to a dinner with his family. An alarm goes off and it is at the morgue. Eddie gets an alert and heads out and Barry goes with him. Linda is not pleased.

As Barry runs to the morgue he is passed by another Flash! Only it wasn't Reverse Flash, it looked like it could be Barry! (timewarp perhaps?)

Barry pauses to look around for him then heads to the morgue where the coroner lies dead.

The police and barry check the scene, and Barry notes all the ice and water in the ground and states that he was killed by a hailstorm. Eddie finds an automated recording of the incident and they listen, Joe knows it is the other Martin brother and the Coroner did state it was Joe that killed Clive Martin.

At Star LAbs, they examine the data, and Cisco names him the Weather Wizard. Cisco states that Martin needs to tap in to the atmosphere electrons to control the weather and that is how they can stop him.
Barry tells Wells that he saw what he thinks was a mirror image or another Flash. Wells tells him that they should contain Martin first then figure it out.

At police HQ, the Captain states Joe needs to coordinate the investigation from HQ....Joe is displeased. Iris arrives and asks how things are going and then goes to speak to Eddie. Eddie is not pleased with how Iris and Barry behaved on their double date, Eddie is feeling the green eyed monster of jealousy.

Barry and Joe have lunch as they drive, Barry asks for relation advice with Iris. Joe chuckles at the situation. The rain intensifies as they talk, but the weather report states it is a sunny day in the city. Barry gets Joe out of the car in time before a lightning strike blows it up. Back at HQ, the Captain insists Joe stay at the station and asks if Iris can contact the Flash. Joe rejects that idea. Barry and Joe talk and Barry says he will check with Star Labs.

At the newspaper, Iris is working on a Flash article. Her fellow reporter shows a picture of the businessman Simon Stagg that Wells killed in the early episode. He also shows a photo of the last person to leave Stagg's building,....Dr Wells. Iris starts thinking about Wells and that it is time for questions. Iris then chats with Linda, Linda comments on how Iris has feelings for Barry and walks away.

Iris and Barry chat about the double date, then she starts asking Dr. Wells, and how he was the last one at Simon Stagg's office the night Stagg went missing. She asks him if there is more to Wells then he lets people believe. Barry vouches for him.

At Star Labs, Cisco shows them the weather wand, a device that will absorb energy from the atmosphere to stop the Weather Wizard. Wells leaves the room and Barry chats with Caitlin and Cisco about how the newspaper is asking about Wells. Caitlin seems to support Wells, Cisco however is suspicious. Cisco gives Joe the device and asks Joe why he suspected Wells. Joe doesnt want to talk about it and Cisco leaves and sees Weather Wizard arrive and calls for Barry.

Martin confronts Joe at the station, Joe reaches for the device but gets blown back as Weather Wizard cuts loose.

Flash arrives and uses the wand to stop Weather Wizard, who runs away.

At Star Labs, Cisco and Caitlin chat. He asks her about Wells and if he is capable of doing bad things. Cisco notes how some things are not adding up. He shows her the data about the containment system that failed to contain Reverse Flash and that only sabotage could have stopped the containment system. Cisco asks her to keep Wells out of Star Labs the next morning.

At the hospital, the police captain is stabilized but may have neural damage. It turns out his fiance is there and HE wants to see HIM. The Doc is not sure if he will walk again. Joe asks Barry to guard Iris and he will go after the Weather Wizard.

At the newspaper, Barry talks with Iris' colleague about Dr Wells. The guy thinks Wells killed Stagg and that Wells is a sociopath. He tells Barry to read the Sunday paper to see what he is talking about and that he has digital evidence about Stagg and Wells.

Cisco starts checking the containment system

Joe goes looking for Weather Wizard. Eddie confronts Joe and teams with him.

Barry chats with Iris. He tells her about Mason at the paper about what he was told about Wells. They then talk about Linda, and how Iris thinks Linda isn't right for Barry.

At Star Labs, Cisco finds something with the containment system. It activates and inside is REVERSE FLASH???

Joe and Eddie keep looking for Weather Wizard. Joe is then sucked out a window by the winds! Joe awakes on a pier and finds his leg is broken. Weather Wizard confronts him and comments how all his bones were broken when the plane went down.

Caitlin and Wells chat at the coffee shop, Wells is puzzled that they are there.

Eddie briefs the police about Martin and Barry promises Iris he will find him. Wizard calls Iris and tells her to come to the Waterfront alone, no cops. Iris tells Barry and they head out but Linda arrives to talk to Barry and he has to go. Linda is not happy.

Wells tells Caitlin how Cisco can adjust the satelites to detect the Weather Wizard and she agrees. She goes to get their coffee's to go and turns to see an empty wheel chair.

Cisco is checking things and learns that the Reverse Flash in the containment field is apparently a hologram recording as it is repeating the dialogue that RF spoke that night! Cisco then turns as he hears Wells speak from behind and Cisco sees Wells standing the door to the lab!

martin sees Iris coming and starts the storm

Wells praises Cisco's cleverness. Cisco accuses Wells of being the Reverse Flash, and Wells states that his true name is EOBARD THAWNE!!!!
Wells/Thawne states that Eddie is a "distant relative" (looks like my linear ancestor theory about Eddie is holding up!)

Wells then shows Cisco how he can move so fast that he can be in multiple places at once, leaving an after image behind for awhile, which is how reverse Flash beat up Wells!

Cisco realizes that Wells killed Nora. Wells states he went there to kill Barry, NOT NORA! Wells states that training Flash is the means to an end, that he has been trapped for 15 years in this century and that training Barry is part of the key to him going to his own time. Cisco offers to help, but Wells states Cisco isn't quite that smart and that he is fond of Cisco and that he is a surrogate son. He then states that Cisco has been dead to him for centuries then vibrates his arm into Cisco, then removes it and Cisco collapses to the floor.

Iris tells Barry she can't stop thinking about him and that she doesn't want to stop thinking of him, and Barry feels the same way and they kiss. Wizard is building a tidal wave and he calls Caitlin who needs to speak to him about Wells but Barry asks her how to stop a Tsunami. She tells him and Barry tells Iris that he is sorry he didn't tell her earlier and transforms into his costume and goes to stop the Tsunami. However Caitlin isn't sure that Barry can go fast enough.

Barry then goes fast enough that he breaches the time barrier and runs past his self from earlier in the episode then stops as he realizes he has time warped into the past! Not just into the past, but at the exact moment that Barry stopped and looked around in confusion before he went to the morgue!

Also in a tribute to Quantum Leap, as Barry realizes he has time warped he says those famous words of Sam Beckett "Oh, boy!"

It looks like future Barry may have somehow replaced past Barry at that moment but we shall see in the next episode as I believe that there are 2 Flashes now in that time period

So let's recap a few things:

1. Dr Wells states to Cisco that his true name is EOBARD THAWNE! Which means he is also known as Professor ZOOM aka The REVERSE FLASH!

2. Wells/Thawne states that he has been trapped in our century for 15 years and that he wants to go home and that he has been training Barry to go faster so that Barry can penetrate the time barrier and time travel!

3. Wells/Thawne states that Detective Eddie Thawne is a "distant relative", which again means that my theory that Detective Thawne is the linear ancestor of Reverse Flash is likely true, which means if Eddie dies, so dies Wells/Eobard Thawne

4. Caitlin now knows something is up with Wells as she saw the empty wheelchair, however she is currently in Star Labs and Wells may still be there after dealing with Cisco.

5. Is Cisco dead? Hope not, but he might be. The only hope he has for surviving at this point is that Wells/Thawne showed last minute mercy since he stated that Cisco was a surrogate son to him.....but he also did state that to him Cisco has been dead for centuries.....

6. The media grows suspicious of Wells and that reporter claims to have secure digital footage of Wells and Stagg....

7. Any and all doubts that anyone has about Wells/Thawne arranging things to create the Flash and the other meta humans should now be erased.

8. Wells/Thawne states his target that night was young Barry, and I also postulated that Barry will have to save his younger self but at the price of losing his mother.

Things are getting good!

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