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Subj: FLASH March 24
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Episode opens with the recap, we also see when Barry time jumped to the past that the past version of himself that he was running next to disappears, thus the time stream is correcting itself to avoid having two Barry's much like how it did in the 90's Flash series when Barry returned to the past from the future and the timestream merges them to avoid a paradox.

Barry is looking around and Cisco tells him to get to the morgue. Once there Barry is a walking case of deja vu as he has already lived through the events.

Barry continues to repeat things that were already said at Star Labs and Wells/Thawne takes him aside and declares that Barry has breached the time stream and is experiencing temporal reversion. He then asks Barry how far back he time warped, Barry states 24 hrs give or take. Wells/Thawne acts relieved and states that means Barry couldn't have done much damage. He then asks Barry what happens, Barry starts to mention the tidal wave and Wells/Thawn cuts him off and tells him to not say another world and that TIME is a fragile construct and that the smallest change could be disastrous. Wells/Thawne tells him that he must go through the day again and do everything that he did before exactly as he had before and not to speak of this to anyone.

Wells/Thawne checks with his super computer and it states the future has not changed, Wells/Thawne tells it to alert him if it changes.

Barry talks to Joe then runs off as the Flash to face Weather Wizard and brings him into the lock up at Star Labs. Wizard vows to create a tidal wave that destroys the city.

Wells/Thawne is VERY displeased, and warns him that time has a way of correcting things and that another disaster likely even worse will occur.

Captain Cold and Heatwave are brought to a crime boss, Cold tells him to pack it in and they threaten the crime boss, etc etc. The crime boss scoffs and they attack and take down the mob goons and boss. Cold declares himself the new godfather of the santini family.

Cisco now goes to his brother's birthday party. Caitlin is with him.

At Star Labs, Barry is running on the treadmill and cannot hit time warp speeds, Wells/Thawne theorizes what the problems could be. Joe shows up and talks to Barry, he then dashes out for a date with Linda. Wells also will not tell Joe about the time warp that Barry did.

Cisco and his brother bicker at the party and Cisco and Caitlin leave.

Barry meets up with Linda at the news office. She talks about their relationship, and she realizes that Barry's feelings for Iris are stronger.

Iris then starts to have the chat with her fellow reporter about Simon Stagg but Barry interrupts to talk to Iris. Barry asks Iris if she is free for coffee tomorrow. Barry then talks to the guy and tells him he doesn't believe Wells had anything to do with Stagg disappearing, even though the reporter hasn't spoken to him about it.....

Barry meets Cisco at the bar, a woman approaches them and offers to buy Cisco a drink, Cisco gives Barry the signal to leave. Cisco chats with her, she is in town for symposium with Mercury Labs and her name is Lisa. She kisses Cisco and they head back to her place. Turns out she is the SISTER of Captain Cold and Cold confronts him and wants Cisco to rebuild their guns, and shows him he has his brother as a hostage.

Cisco starts to work on the guns while his brother is tied to a chair next to him. Cisco finishes the guns, Cold states he long ago learned how his gun worked and Cisco hands him the firing pin. Cold's sister asks for a gun of her own and asks for a golden gun.....

At the cofee shop, Iris arrives to chat with Barry. Barry talks to her about how he feels about her and how she feels about him, Iris tells him her feelings haven't changed and that she loves Eddie. Barry is confused as he knows things happened differently. Iris leaves.

Barry goes to Star Labs, doesn't want to talk about Linda or Iris. Caitlin states that Cisco hasn't been in yet. Barry gets a call from Joe that Cold is back and a mob war is brewing as Cold takes over the Santini family. Wells makes a joke about how the day is getting better.

At a casino, Cold, Heatwave and Cold's sister attack, her gun fires a gold beam that coats the target in gold. Flash arrives and Cold tells him they have Cisco hostage. Flash also learns that she is Cold's sister. The Rogues leave.

The police are on the scene and Joe learns Cisco is a hostage. Detective Thawn then comes up on Barry and slugs him and tells him to stay away from Iris and declares they are enemies.

At Star Labs, Barry starts talking again about things and Wells/Thawne warns him to not say a thing. Barry still talks to Wells about how the previous day was and how the Police Captain was injured, Iris had feelings for him and now she doesn't, etc. Wells/Thawne chats with him about things and warns him of the havoc he could wreak if he traveled further then a day. Barry asks him about if he travels back to save his mother and Wells/Thawne warns him about the many that COULD die if Barry saved his mother.

Cisco and his brother chat in their language at Snart's place. They have a heart to heart chat and then his brother breaks free and attacks Heatwave who beats them senseless. Cold then chats with Cisco, and asks who the Flash is. Cisco lies of course, and his brother gets zapped by Cold who warn him his brother now has first degree frostbite......and asks again who the Flash is.

Cisco returns to Star Labs and states he was released and that his brother was tortured and would die unless Cisco tells Snart who the Flash is. Barry tells Cisco that things are okay etc, Cisco leaves.

At the newspaper, Joe visits Iris and tells her what Eddie did to Barry. She is not pleased but states she is with Eddie now. Joe tells her she needs to convince Eddie and Barry who she loves.

Cisco is packing his stuff to leave and Wells/Thawne visits him. He takes Cisco to where the containment field generator is that was used on Reverse Flash. Wells tells Cisco that making a choice between two loved ones is a hard choice and tells him that he did what he did because he loves his brother and that they want Cisco to stay. Wells/Thawne tells Cisco that he has shown him what it is like to have a son (similar to last ep)

They all head upstairs and figure out that the Rogues will attack the transport truck that has the casino's money. The Rogues attack the truck and The Flash arrives and zips away with Cold while the others wipe out on their bikes. Cold states "Good to see you Barry".

Cold threatens Barry that he has a private uplink that will transmit Barry's ID to the world. Barry warns Cold to quite pushing his luck with him and that if Cold is so good at doing things that he doesn't need to kill anyone. Cold agrees, Barry then makes it clear that if Cold or the Rogues go near his friends and family again that he will put Cold down for good. Cold agrees, for now.

Barry goes to the coffee shop and Detective Thawne hugs Barry and Caitlin tells Barry that she told them a story about Barry having "lightning psychosis" and makes up a bunch of stuff that convinces Iris and Eddie that Barry isn't too well in the head from the lightning strike. Eddie also apologizes to Barry, stating he felt like a different person when he punched Barry......interesting. Interviews do indicate some things may happen with Detective Thawne.

At the Newspaper, Iris' colleague is working on the Harrison Wells story and power flickers and his light goes out. Reverse Flash then appears and starts demanding what he knows about Wells. The reporter assures him that everything he knows is on the computer. Reverse Flash then smacks him around and vibrates his hand through him and kills him, then vibrates through the computer to erase it then takes the body with him and leaves.

At Star Labs, Barry and Wells chat a bit, Barry is about to ask about Simon Stagg when he sees a news report about the missing reporter and stops. He then leaves and is now wondering about Wells.

Barry meets Joe at his crime lab and tells Joe that he may be right about Wells.

End of episode.

So the more things change the more some things stay the same.

The city is not destroyed by Weather Wizard, however as time realigns itself, now the Rogues Gallery is forming under Captain Cold.

Captain Cold knows who the Flash is and has a time delayed uplink that he must constantly reset or it beams Barry's ID to the world. However he does capitulate to Barry's threat that Barry will end him and any of the Rogues that go after his family and friends again. Cold does seem to have some sense of honor regarding this matter, however Cold will likely later use this against Barry. Also his sister and Heatwave were NOT in the room when Cold began to torture Cisco's brother, so we do NOT know if Cold told them. If Cold were wise, he would NOT as while HE can keep his mouth shut, Heatwave is more of a thug then a thinker and I wouldn't count on his sister to stay silent either.

So Cisco's death is averted, however Barry now understands quite clearly that there are serious problems with changing even 24 hours worth of history. Wells/Thawne warns Barry of the potential disaster that could occur if Barry does go back and does save his mother.

However Barry doesn't yet realize that he is in a time paradox regarding his mother. He will still go back one way or another and fight Reverse Flash to try to save his mom, however based on the fact that young Barry was whisked to safety in the fight and that Thawne did tell Cisco that his target was young Barry, history will still be fulfilled in that Barry's mom will die. Barry will not be able to save his young self and his mother.

Also Barry does not have a girlfriend now as he didn't think things through about the time changes and has lost Linda and Iris. Of course Caitlin is still around but she has eyes on Firestorm.....and Felicity is with Ray Palmer now.

Also, Barry is now suspicious of Wells at long last.

Now I shall pose a question that should cause some people to think:

Wells is Eobard Thawne and is from the future and is trapped in our time as he can't power up to return home. he has knowledge of the future and of course is a reliable source to warn of changing time and altering history, but here is my question: DID WELLS/Thawne already know that Barry was going to alter a day of history in advance? Just how much of Barry's life as the Flash does he know about and have on file in his super computer? All of it or just pieces?

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