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Subj: Flash March 31st
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Starts with recap

Episode opens with showing us 15 years ago with Reverse Flash and Flash emerging from time warp and running towards Barry's home. They crash through a window fighting at super speeds and the malestrom surrounds Nora as henry and young Barry watch

In the present, Joe and barry are discussing Wells. Joe notes that Nora was killed by a speedster and Wells made Barry into the Flash is one long chain of coincidences.

Barry and Joe note everything Wells has done for Barry.

Joe states the blood from the house didn't match Wells, however I don't think Cisco tested it as I recall. Joe urges Barry to be patient and that they can't bring Wells in yet.

At a playground everyone sees little parachutes coming down and the as they land, they explode. Joe and Barry see the explosions and Barry flashes down to the area and saves a kid named Henry. On a rooftop, the new Trickster gives a message about how he will bring a new order.

Joe tells them 20 years ago a man named the Trickster killed at least 10 civilians. Cisco brings up the datafile and he and Wells both wince at seeing the original Trickster costume, which is all stock photos from the 90's Flash series! \:\)

Joe states the original Trickster is serving multiple life sentences and is the most dangerous man the city ever saw. Barry comments about how that was until the particle accelerator blew up. Joe deflects the comment a bit and Wells asks if Barry is okay. Joe tells him that he woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and leaves. Cisco and Caitlin get funny looks on their faces and Wells seems suspicious.

we flashback to 15 years ago as Henry tells young Barry to run, then how the Flash zips young Barry away in one direction, and Reverse Flash then zips out of hte house in the other direction only to power down and lose his speed! This clearly explains why he has been stuck on our time since then, he cannot generate enough power for time warp and has trouble maintain his normal power levels. He uses his gauntlet to consult his super computer which informs him that his cells no longer contain the speed force and that his time travel and speed powers are gone. He then removes his mask and we see that it is Eobard Thawne but that he does NOT look like Dr Wells, but more like a descendent of Dectective Thawne, looks like Eobard will change both face and hair color.

In the present at the prison, Joe and Barry visit the original Trickster in his special cell which is far from the population and the guard warns them he talked his Dr into killing himself.

Joe and Barry are greeted by the Trickster, and Barry gives him the photos and data about the parachute bombs. Trickster comments how in his day there was never a day without casualties. Barry tells him the bombs match the formula of bombs that he used 20 years ago. Trickster is not pleased with this revelation as he never told the bomb formula or his methods to anyone. Trickster verifies he doesn't know the person and would tell them if he did know. Joe asks for his help so that there can be only one Trickster. Trickster states that his old lair must have been found by the new Trickster. He warns them to keep the safeties off on their guns when they find him

Iris is talking to Detective Thawne about Mason, the missing reporter. She is convinced that something is wrong.

Joe and Barry check Trickster's old lair and Joe comments how no one has been there since the 90's, another nod to the 90's Flash series. The lair is filled with costumes and props from the Trickster episodes of the old series.

Note: if you have not seen the Trickster episodes of the 90's Flash, you are missing out. They were fun and Hamil was great as the Trickster.

Barry finds what appears to be a door with a big smiling clown face on it that has the smile of the JOKER, but the mask of the Trickster painted on its eyes. Also due to the lighting I can't say for sure but the hair of the clown face did look like a shade of green....

The door is locked but Barry vibrates it open however he then zips Joe out of the way as a bomb goes off. The find the room is stripped clean by the copy cat.

At the prison, Barry speaks to his Dad and tells him he is getting close to solving the case of the man in yellow and tells him to hang in there. They then enter Trickster's cell and tell him the secret stash was booby trapped and everything stolen. Trickster is not pleased and tells them he kept a big bomb in it, big enough to destroy the city. Cisco alerts Barry that new Trickster posted a live blog. They show the video to Trickster and he rants about how the fake is wearing his mask.

At Star Labs, Wells comments that this Trickster isn't shy and Barry snipes at him about how not all criminals hide in the dark. Joe again deflects the comment by asking Cisco if he could trace the upload location, but Trickster scrambled the upload. Wells asks to speak to Barry in private. Wells tells Barry he knows what he is thinking and that going to the prison where his father is must be tough. Barry comments that it is tough knowing his mom's killer is out there, Wells agrees and promises they will find him and that they need to focus on the Trickster.

Flashback to Wells and Tess Morgan on a beach and he is ranting about his plans for science and building a new laboratory, she names it STAR LABS. We see from afar that Eobard Thawne is observing them....

In the present, Flash speaks to Iris. She wanted to meet him at the coffeeshop. She tells him that Mason is missing and she is worried. She asks him to look into it and Flash agrees. Iris then asks if he is okay and that he looks like he has a heavy heart. He then gets an alert from Cisco that Trickster is posting again, he has Tricksters old bomb and gives a hint where it is and Flash starts zipping around the area.

Star Labs is scanning the area but nothing is to be found. Wells warns him that it is a trick and to trust him. Barry decides to keep looking and finds it. However the box is labeled "TRICKED YOU". New Trickster blasts a hole in the prison and helps the original Trickster escapes. They have taken Henry Allen as a hostage! Original Trickster is laughing at Henry at how he tricked them all. Original Trickster wants Henry since Barry works for the cops. Henry is sure the Flash will stop them and Trickster comments "here's hoping!"

Trickster states he has had 20 years to plan and comments how he got cable tv in prison to stop killing the guards after he made a Breaking Bad joke. The kid asks why Trickster chose him and Trickster tells the kid "I am your father!"

At Star Labs, Joe states they know who the fake is, he is someone that has been corresponding with James for years.

Flashback to Tess and Wells driving along and they get into a trap set by Eobard Thawne. Their car flips around and Wells is hurt and Thawne looks into the car and says she has been dead to him for centuries. Hm, either Thawne is killing Wells and taking his place or he is brainwashing Wells and imbuing him with some speed power....

Joe talks to Barry, Barry is still trying to figure that if Well is guilty then why has Wells been helping him. Joe points out that Barry always tries to see the best in others and to not let Wells take that from him. Joe states what matters at the moment is that Wells is helping them and Barry freaks out a bit at the thought of losing his Dad

Iris arrives at a major gala event to reelect the mayor and two Tricksters are serving champagne and the original comments the fun is about to begin. Trickster starts things off and declares that he wants their money and warns the champagne was spiked with mercury poison and they have approx. one hour and how someone that arrived an hour early keels over from the poison. He tells them there is an account number on their glasses and to call their bankers for a transfer of funds, he warns that if 911 is called he will switch to lead poisoning and pulls out a gun. Iris uses her phone to broadcast what Trickster is saying to Joe and crew. Barry flashes down to the place and corners Trickster and fake Trickster sticks a kinetic bomb on him that will explode if he drops below 600mph. Fake Trickster arms it and real Trickster tells him to run! Barry is running and talking to Star Labs about what to do. Wells tells Barry he will need to run through wall while vibrating his molecules at the natural frequency of air his cells will be in a state that will allow him to phase through the wall and leave the bomb behind.

Wells coaches him through the task of phasing how to feel the air and the lightning crackling through him, that he is part of a Speed Force and that it is him. Barry reaches the vibration state and phases through a fuel truck and the bomb lands on the ground as he passes through the truck. The bomb blows and Barry is fine.

Okay seriously now, if Caitlin and Cisco are not suspicious of Wells after this.....also this should confirm to Barry about his suspicion of Wells.

Flash returns and injects everyone with the antidote, Trickster jokes about how one hypo-gun isnt sanitary. Flash tells them they are going to jail no matter what and demands to know where Henry Allen is. we see him sitting in a chair with a crate above his head. Barry zips him off the chair to safety and the crate opens and knives fall out and stab into the chair. A classic Trickster/Joker trap.

Outside, barry stops and unmasks and we get the easter egg of current Flash and 90's Flash hugging as Henry states Barry always looked good in red.

Henry is taken to Star Labs and he is marveling about how the equipment there didn't exist when he was practicing. Barry and Henry talk and henry thanks them all including Wells for aiding his son. Wells promises he will help Barry with his future. henry offers to let Joe cuff him but Joe won't cuff him and they head out. Caitlin hugs Barry and Barry shakes hands with Wells.

Flashback to the car accident that Thawne created, Wells is trying to get out of the car and Thawne hauls him out and tells him his name is Eobard Thawne but that his name doesn't matter, and that in the year 2020 Wells and his wife launch the particle accelerator and change the course of history. He states he needs it to happen a lot sooner so that he can get home. He connects a device to himself and to the real Wells and litterally siphons blood/dna etc out of the real Wells body causing hm to shrivel and die and Thawne takes on the form of Wells.

Joe talks to Detective Thawne about Iris and show she is looking into Mason's disappearance. The Flash then arrives and unmasks to show Thawne that he is Barry. Joe tells Eddie they need his help. Eddie then tells Iris that Mason met a girl and moved to Brazil. Iris is shocked but seems to believe it. Joe tells Eddie it is for her own safety and Eddie asks what they do next about Wells. Barry states that the way Wells talked to him about how to phase through walls, the way he spoke of the speed and power, Barry is now 100% certain that Wells is the Reverse Flash.

Flashback to the past, cops arrive at the accident and Wells/Thawne climbs out of the car and states his name is Harrison Wells.

End of Ep.

So Wells is not a brainwashed pawn of Thawn as some may have thought. As I have stated from the beginning, Wells is Thawne/Reverse Flash. Wells also stated he was Thawne to Cisco in the day that Barry negated via Time Travel.

Barry now knows for sure Wells is Reverse Flash and is now acting like he is still pals with Wells instead of nearly blowing his cover like he almost did early in the episode

This episode was a nice new episode that was also a nice nod to the 90's series. Barry saves his Dad and John Wesley Shipp gets to be on camera with the new Flash and compliments the costume and gets to see Star Labs.

Barry considers himself now very close to being able to clear his dad.
Cisco did tell Joe he didn't run the blood at the house against Well's DNA, and that blood is still not ID'd. However I think they will talk to Cisco soon and get the blood rechecked.

We see more of what happened in the past and again I WAS RIGHT. Reverse Flash literally drained all his power in that Gideon stated was his latest time jump to fight the Flash and that his powers at this point are drained to zero.

Thawne's true appearance is literally that of a descendant of Eddie Thawne but he genetically alters himself with the real Dr Wells DNA to become Wells and use his own genius and future knowledge to get the particle accelerator online sooner then 2020 so that he can get powered up and create Barry as the Flash.

So comes the question, in the unaltered history where the accelerator was made in 2020, did Barry still become the Flash from a freak electrical storm, OR has history not been changed but again FULFILLED by Thawne coming back and bringing the accelerator online in 2014 thus creating the Flash, the metahumans and regain his speed powers to an extent.

That is the question: DID The Flash and the other Metahumans still exist in that future timeline that has since been negated by Thawne creating the particle accelerator in 2014?

The Answer; yes. Why? Simple. Eobard Thawne has always had an obsession with the history of the Flash and in his own future time, he replicated the incident that gave Barry his powers, thus now in the 25th century he had the same powers. Thus the Flash had to exist in that other timeline for Thawne to be inspired/obsessed. Now as to why he wants to go back to when Barry was a kid and kill him, I cannot recall his motivation from the comics other then that he is a crazed sociopathic killer.

Thus the more things change the more they stay the same. Thawne has made the accelerator come online 6 years early and we still get The Flash and the meta humans.

Looking forward to Wells being outed and The Flash taking him on.

However Barry is still trapped in a paradox and doesn't realize it. For him that fight with Reverse Flash in the past is a part of general history, but for Barry at the moment it is still his personal future. For Barry though that fight has happened historically, for him it has yet to occur. He believes now that he knows of the fight and has seen some of the hologram images that Cisco made that he is prepared and can now do things different.

However we see in tonights episode that Barry must save his younger self as he zips him away from the house in one direction, while Reverse Flash zips away in the wrong direction and runs out of power. Barry will find he has no choice but to save his younger self and will not be able to save his mother or prevent his father from being framed since before RF leaves the house his mom is dead and his father is framed. Can Barry break this paradox? Doubtful, it is a circular time loop that is similar to the one in Babylon 5 that dealt with Babylon 4 and Valen. It is a loop that while it COULD be broken, it may be VERY disastrous if it were broken.

We shall see.

Also Barry revealing himself to Eddie......not a good idea. Eddie now knows that story about lightning psychosis from last ep is a lie and thus knows that Barry still has his eye on Iris. They could have asked for his help without Barry unmasking.

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