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Subj: Flash April 14th
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Ep opens with recaps of Flash and Arrow

After which it starts with a police chase with Joe and Eddie pursuing some robbers. Joe calls Flash and Barry zips into the car with someone that he stopped in the park. Flash then zips Joe out of the cop car and into the crooks car and dumps the crook into Joe's car. Joe laughs as he arrests the other crook. They then stop some crooks robbing a jewelry store.

Over at Hudson Applied Robotics a worker gets in her car to leave, but once inside some bees swarm into it and kill her. At the crime scene, Barry and Joe talk and Joe reminds him to keep it cool and play things as normal. Joe is also against telling Caitlin and Cisco at this time as he is not sure of their loyalties.

At Star Labs the reports is that it was death by honeybee venom. They conclude these are super bees controlled by a metahuman. Felicity then arrives and asks them to come outside. They go outside and we get an old take on the "is it a bird, is it a plane" joke, Felicity says "It's my boyfriend" as Ray crash lands in the ATOM suit. Nice little tongue in cheek Superman joke given that Brandon Routh plays Ray Palmer now and was Superman in the weak Superman Returns movie.

Barry chats with Felicity and Barry seems a bit jealous and then covers it by warning her that things aren't that great now. Ray gets checked out and Caitlyn tells him he's lucky he didn't brake his neck. She then makes a joke about billionaires being super heroes, nice tongue in cheek poke at Tony Stark, Batman....

Wells/Thawne states he is impressed with the suit. Interesting given his future tech knowledge. Ray thanks him and states that he has trouble keeping it up, which of course brings more tongue in cheek humor as he quickly refers to the suit and Felicity sticks her foot in mouth vouching for that. Ray asks if they can help with the suit, Barry reminds them about the bee problem. Cisco hates bees and will be glad to work on the suit, while the rest work on the bee problem. Barry and Felicity go to get some coffee and Wells looks suspicious of Barry as they leave.

At Police HQ, Iris visits Eddie following up on the recent crime drop in the city. She comments on the three arrests Eddie had last night and Eddie assures her he is hiding nothing from her. After she leaves Eddie and Joe talk and he wants to tell her and how it is affecting their relationship and he comments that he and Iris hadn't had sex in two weeks, and of course the look on Joe's face to that is PRICELESS. Joe reminds him that this keeps her safe, Eddie reluctantly concedes the arguement.

Felicity and Barry talk at the coffee shop, Felcity apologizes for telling Ray about Barry. Eddie shows up and tries to talk to Barry and Barry tells him that she knows. Felicity suggests they all go on a dinner date that night.

Meanwhile the Bee lady sends her bees after her next target. FYI she played Beth on Walking Dead. Cisco and Ray talk about the suit and its overheating problem. Cisco begins to have temporal/deja vu flashbacks to the day that he was killed by Reverse Flash that Barry negated.

Caitlyn alerts Barry to another bee attack and he zips off to find the next victim and no bees at first until they all fly out of the victims mouth and pursue Barry. Joe arrives and sees Barry fall to the ground from all the stings, and Wells/Thawne notes that Barry is going into cardiac arrest. Cisco tells Joe to get back and activates a defibrillator in the suit, and they manage to revive Barry (false drama he IS the star of the show and cannot die)

At Star Labs, Cisco reports the defib unit is shot and Barry is lucky to be alive. Cisco comments that the building plans were out of date and apologizes, Barry is puzzled how that could have happened. No one notices a bee emerge from Barry's suit.

So they all gather at the restaurant even though Barry had died earlier and was revived. The dinner goes from awkward to bad as Ray talks about Wells and Eddie comments on how somethings are best left unsaid.

Cisco talks with Joe, he gives Cisco data on the second victim and how he was a robotics expert. Cisco talks to Joe about Barry and asks if there is something going on, that Barry hasn't been himself lately. Joe states that Barry is concerned about when Reverse Flash may show again. Cisco has another deja vu flashback and then leaves.

Barry steps away from the table and Felicity follows him. Barry tells her what they learned about Wells being Reverse Flash. Felicity gives Barry a quick update about events in the Arrow. Eddie and Iris argue and she leaves. Eddie follows her. Barry gets an alert at Star Labs.

Cisco and Caitlyn are trying to kill the bee and Cisco blasts a hole in a desk. Wells/Thawne is about to break cover to catch the thing when Barry zips in and catches it.

Cisco learns it is a robot an Barry peers at it, not knowing that the Bee Keeper is watching through the robot's eyes.

Cisco and Ray are amazed at the sophisticated design. Felicity cross references the data and learns the two targets worked for Mercury Labs. Tina McGee appears in the show! She talks to them about the tachyon device and Wells/Thawne asks if she has another tachyon device. Joe then cuts in and shows her the photos of the victims and she tells them who the culprit is, they warn her she is next then and she states she can take care of herself.

Barry chats with Felicity and she advises him that he needs all the friends he can get to go against Wells/Thawne. She tells him that Caitlyn and Cisco are good people that Barry can trust.

he heads home and Iris is there for the night as she is mad at Eddie. She thinks Eddie is cheating on her. Barry assures her that Eddie isn't that type.

Felcity and Caitlyn talk about Cisco and Ray working on the suit and they talk and Felicity again sticks her foot in her mouth. Thye then see the bee robot is active and they trace the signal to Mercury Labs which means Tina is the target.

Felciity traces teh signal to an old greenhouse and they warn Barry his suit defib unit is trashed and he cannot take on the bees, that he must get to the greenshouse to stop them. Ray decides to suit up and Cisco warns him the suit changes are not tested. Ray states the bees can't penetrate his suit. Caitlyn and Cisco go with Ray and Barry zips off to the greenhouse, while Ray pretends to be Iron Man and flies off to help Tina McGee.

Felciity states she should be able to redirect the bees and tells Ray to be ready for incoming. Ray responds "we have the technology!" and flies in. Nice Bionic Man reference. Ray flies in and zaps some of the bees then flies away with the bees in pursuit.

Barry faces the Bee Keeper, turns out she has more bees with her and they pursue Barry. Felcity hacks into the bees and tries to take control of the bees and ends up facing off against the Bee Keeper in a hacker fight. Cisco tells him to lead the bees to water to short them out and it works but it also takes out the ATOM suit. They save Ray and have a laugh. Bee Keeper starts to fry Felicity's system and she counters and shuts down the bees. Barry handcuffs her and it turns out that one bee escaped the ATOM suit and Cisco sees it and takes the sting meant for Ray.

Barry races over to them and uses his powers to defib Cisco. It works of course (false drama again).

At Police HQ, Tina McGee arrives to chat with Barry. He asks her about her past with Dr Wells. She comments how Wells was a kind man until the car accident that killed his girlfriend and how he became a different person.

Barry chats with Ray and Ray states he has figured out the solution to the suit's power problem and that is to think smaller as he holds up a vial with one of the robot bees in it.

Iris chats with Eddie. She tells him he has to tell her what is going on or else it is over. She leaves and Eddie is not happy.

At Barry's lab, Cisco and Caitlyn arrive and Barry shows them the data he gathered for years on his mom and Reverse Flash, then shows them data he gathered on Wells. Caitlyn is puzzled and Barry tells them that Wells IS Reverse Flash. Caitlyn doesn't believe it as she beleives Wells is paralyzed. Cisco then tells him of his deja vu Flashbacks and how in them the Reverse Flash kills him.

End of ep.

Fun episode

1. Until Ray starts shrinking down in size, his suit is a poor Iron Man imitation, flight, energy beams, quasi durability, sensors....yeah its Iron Man. I know some of you hate the comparison, but he is an Iron Man copy right now. However he has one of the tiny bees to study and plans to adapt its power supply to the ATOM armor

2. Cisco having temporal flashbacks to the day Barry erased, interesting. Given that Cisco was dead and then not dead, this would explain it as the time stream may really have hiccuped over that.

3. Caitlyn and Cisco don't really know that Barry time jumped.

4. Iris wants the truth and Eddie is getting mad, this bodes ill for Barry. and NO EDDIE IS NOT BECOMING REVERSE FLASH, HE IS THE ANCESTOR OF REVERSE FLASH, if Eddie dies so does Wells/Thawne.

5. Nice to see Tina McGee again

6. it is unknown if she has another tachyon device, I suspect she does and Reverse Flash may well start searching Mercury Labs for it. This could lead to some time travel

7. Barry tells Felicity about Wells, dangerous move given that she sometimes has a slip of the tongue and blurts things out

8. Barry is slowly prepping to face Wells/Reverse Flash.


9. As Sethno pointed out to me, In Cisco's Flashbacks/deja vu, he does remember that Wells revealed himself as Reverse Flash before he was killed by RF

10. Cisco and Ray both name the villain at the same time.

Things are building up nicely, looking forward to the season finale.

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