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Subj: FLASH April 21
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Starts with the recap

Flash notes that he is getting faster all the time. He runs to Coast City for a pizza run and takes it back to the group.

They are at Joe's home to review the situation about Wells.
Joe and Cisco want to investigate the car accident that killed Wells wife based on the info Barry got from McGee.
Caitlyn protests and Joe reiterates that Wells is RF.
Cisco asks her to cover for him with Wells and she walks out.
Barry still has confidence that she is with them

Eddie questions someone that was shown on camera robbing a bank vault. She has no criminal record and states that it is not her.
Eddie chats with Barry about the case.
Iris asks where Joe is, and tensions arise again between her and Eddie
Eddie warns Barry he is getting sick of lying to Iris

A person is trying to sell stolen jewels to a jeweler and he calls 911

Barry talks to Caitlyn at Star Labs and Wells is listening in. They tell Wells that Cisco took a few days off due to his brother.

Eddie calls Barry for help, states he has ID'd the suspect from the store and is after him. Eddie tackles him and they fight, the guy gets away as Barry arrives and reveals he is a shape shifter and quickly disguises himself and flees.

Barry gets back to Star LAbs and tells Caitlyn and Wells. They warn that if the person touches Barry he could reveal Barry is the Flash, and also they don't know if the person can copy powers.

They back check for similar crimes of people being framed, turns out the trail goes back to a month after the particle accelerator went boom.

At Starling City, Joe and Cisco chat with Lance about the car crash, they get the files and ask Lance to take them to the crash scene. They also meet up with Laurel and she asks to chat with Cisco in private. She tells Cisco she knows Barry is Flash, Oliver is Arrow and she is the Canary. She shows him Sara's sonic weapon and asks if he can modify/upgrade it. He agrees.

At Star Labs, Caitlyn is poking around into records about Wells.
At Wells' home, Wells is walking around (of course) and has a drink at his private bar. Caitlyn arrives for a visit and rings the bell, Wells hops back in his chair and heads to the door however before he opens it, Barry zips Caitlyn away. She and Barry argue, she reminds him she lost her reputation and boyfriend and how Wells stood by her all that time. She is not prepared to face the fact that her life has been a lie. Barry reminds her that if he is right and she tips off Wells he won't be able to free his dad from prison. She reluctantly agrees.

Barry and Eddie head to the suspects home, name is Hannibal Bates. They chat with the suspects grandmother who had filed a missing person report a year ago about Hannibal. Funny moment of Eddie and Barry trying to sit next to each other on a small couch. Turns out the old lady is really a disguised shapeshifter. Eddie goes after hannibal and Barry reluctant runs like a normal person as he dare not use super speed and risk being outed.

The shifter copies Thawne's appearance and shoots some cops then shoots out the camera in the car. Barry calls 911.

At police HQ the chief and the DA argue about Eddie's future which looks grim unless they get some serious evidence. Barry assures the Captain he is working on the case. Iris confronts Barry about what happened. Barry comforts her and promises things will be all right.

Lance, Joe and Cisco check the accident scene, Cisco brings out one of his super science toys to scan the area. Joe and Lance chat about fatherhood and how things aren't always the best. Joe reminds Lance that sometimes people lie for love. Cisco detects tachyons, and Lance's coffes starts floating out of his cup.

Barry brings the DA report that Eddie tests clean of GSR, but the DA is not convinced as the video is pretty damning evidence. Barry refuses to let someone else take the fall for something they didn't do. Barry zips Eddie outside, they talk and he zips him back inside.

Barry is at home on the phone and "eddie" knocks on the door, of course Barry is fooled and gets knocked out and the shifter copies Barry and ties him up and takes his wallet. Caitlyn arrives and states she thinks she has a way to shut down the shifter's power. Caitlyn senses something is wrong and she talks to him about the other night and how he is eager to solve his mom's murder, then says they need to get to Star Labs and stop the Everyman as she has named him.

At the car crash scene, Joe, Lance and Cisco are checking the area and find a buried hand, and Joe asks Lance and begs him to NOT call it in and warns him that if this gets out everyone including Iris and Laurel are in danger.

At Star Labs, Caitlyn is working on a serum that can temporarily shut down the shifting power. He's also trying to slightly flirt with her and then kisses her. She is surprised but not entirely displeased either. Iris then arrives and states she has checked the crime archives and found other similar cases. Iris then replays the shooting footage and states that the shooter shot left handed and Eddie is not left handed. Fake Barry starts to go for a gun and then gets tazed from behind by Wells.

Wells states Barry is right handed and the Fake Barry is left handed as the gun is in his left hand. Iris insists she take fake Barry to the cops. Caitlyn and Wells are reluctant but agree. Iris tells Caitlyn about a fiel she has on metahumans, Everyman turns into a litle girl and screams for help and of course gets away. Please note that everyman didn't touch any kids, so it looks like he can shift without touching or else can recall a previous form.

Caitlyn gets to Barry's home and unties him and slaps him awake, much to his painful surprise. Joe and Lance chat at the station and Laurel chats with Cisco. He tripled the range and resonance and now it appears to be something she can wear on her neck. in return she gives him a file that has a photo of Cisco and Canary together and warns him if he shows it around she will kill him.

At Star Labs, Wells has confirmed that Everyman cannot absorb powers. Barry thanks them and Caitlyn is a little skittish around Barry after fake barry kissed her.

They ping his phone and Everyman is at the airport. Everyman sees Barry and starts to run and Barry turns into the Flash and confrotns him. He surprised him by shifting into Caitlyn and maces him, then shifts into Iris and then Eddie as they fight. As they fight, Every Man then copies himself as the Flash, however he doesn't have Flash's powers. Barry injects him after pounding him and he flips into other forms then screams and passes out. At Police HQ, the DA, Barry and the Captain see the footage of the fight and watch Everyman shifting in their fight. Barry gives the DA the list of all of Everyman's victims and states they need to be cleared. She agrees and states she saw the Flash once.

Eddie and Iris hug and he wants to tell her, she states it can wait. Eddie then tells her he has been working with the FLash.

At Star Labs holding cells, Everyman is shifting forms and Wells asks who he really is and Hannibal reverts to a generic form and states he cannot remember. They leave him.

Caitlyn and Barry talk to Cisco and Joe, and DNA tests confirm the body they found is the real Harrison Wells.

Wells/Thawne speaks with Joe at the police station, states he wanted to give his regards to Eddie Thawne. Wells asks Joe if he enjoyed his time in Starling City. Joe states he didn't have time to see the sites and asks Wells if he has been back to the city, Wells/Thawne states he hasn't due to the memories. He then tells Joe they are part of an exclusive club (those that lost loved ones) and states they should have another drink sometime. Joe agrees and Wells/Thawne leaves. Joe is nervous.

Back at Star Labs, Cisco goes through a 3D map of Star Labs he made to figure out how the accelerator exploded. He's run the test before but never looked for things outside the pipeline. Cisco finds something that shouldn't be there. They walk along the wal with a scanner and Cisco detects tachyons. Barry manages to trigger the door switch to Wells' secret room and in it they find the Reverse Flash suit and Barry sees the future newspaper that shows Barry goes missing in the Crisis event on April 25, 2024

End of Ep

1. Canary gets a major sonic upgrade from Cisco, better range, better resonance, if the sonic wasn't lethal before it sure is now. Also it looks like she can wear it on her neck so presumably she has to literally scream to make it work just like in the comics and JL cartoon

2. They have found Wells' body, DNA has confirmed it. Lance agrees with Joe's request to not alert the cops even though he isn't fully told why but agrees to keep Laurel safe. Lance also gets advice from Joe about family matters so perhaps things will get better with him and Laurel. I'm also having trouble pinpointing where this minor crossover occurs in the Arrow timeline, before or after the events of Rha's.

3. Caitlyn is now firmly on their side.

4. They have found the secret room and the Reverse Flash suit and the computer opens to show the headline where Barry disappears in 2024. Cisco's comment of "What the frak!" is rather appropriate at this scene.

5. Possible romance with Caitlyn and Barry, even though it was fake Barry that kissed her. She is definitely confused about how she feels and when Barry finds out that should play with his head too.

6. Wells/Thawne SEEMS unaware of what is going on, however when he opened the door just after Barry zipped Caitlyn away the look on his face....can't tell if he was puzzled or if he somehow sensed Barry was there.

7. Wells/Thawne apparently has no alarm system on his secret room, unless he gets alerted next episode and comes running.

The Everyman plot, this was mainly something to keep Wells and Caitlyn occupied while Joe and Cisco went to Starling City. Intersting plot and it had Wells/Thawne's attention since if Eddie didn't get his name cleared and it would have affected Wells/Thawne as he is the direct descendant of Eddie Thawne. Wells/Thawne may have had to action of his own if Eddie wasn't cleared.

Also for those that wonder, I call him Wells/Thawne since technically he is both persons. Once Wells/Thawne is fully outed and he literally drops the Wells disguise/DNA then I'll just call him Eobard Thawne/reverse Flash.

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