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Subj: Season 2 speculations
Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 at 10:27:42 pm EDT (Viewed 4 times)

Tossing in spoiler tag as a precaution.

having recently binge watched Season 1 (and still quite pleased that from Ep 1 I knew Wells was R.F.) and the season finale and the bits that have been mentioned for season 2:

1. The multiverse, it is coming.

2. Jay Garrick has been cast which means Earth 2.

3. Since we get Earth 2, this opens the door for the Golden Age versions of DC characters to appear, except of course Superman as he was ruled out last I checked. However the original version of Alan Scott/GL would be nice to see.

4. The TIME STORM that Barry races to stop at the end of Season 1 is occurring, in his efforts to stop it, Barry will likely hit new levels of speed and end up warping himself to Earth 2 by accident. If memory serves for years in the comics Barry has been able to time and dimension travel pretty much at will and usually without the cosmic treadmill. Barry will discover that he can go between dimensions and may spend a couple of eps on Earth 2, with Earth 2 Flash possibly coming over here.

5. It is a TIME STORM created by Eddie Thawne killing himself and thus negating Eobard Thawne/Wells/Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash from existence. It is a singularity that will wipe things out but a new time line should emerge from it if it cannot be stopped. Either Barry is going to somehow stop it and get blasted to Earth 2 in the process or after Barry fails to stop it, RIP HUNTER will appear and stop Eddie from shooting himself, thus restoring R.F. and will send R.F. home. The Legends of Tomorrow does show RIP Hunter and an intact looking time line so we cannot rule out that he will show up and stabilize things.

6. It has been revealed that ZOOM is the villain of Season 2. ZOOM is not Eobard Thawne/Professor Zoom, but he IS another version of the Reverse Flash. It IS possible that somehow time gets stabilized without restoring Eddie to life and that the more things change the more the stay the same and that time will still call for a Reverse Flash to exist and this time it is ZOOM

7. Killer Frost? It's been hinted at, but I really don't want that to happen.

8. Flash Museum? It's been shown in the speed force

9. Linda is supposed to return to likely mess up Barry's love life.

10. Henry Allen: now here is an interesting twist: if RF has truly been negated from existence and is not restored, we are talking a TIME STORM that is reaching back 15 years to when Barry's mom was killed. Thus she shouldn't be dead and he shouldn't be in prison. But again the more things change the more they stay the same and it is possible her death and his being in prison may still be intact despite RF being erased.

This is pretty much why Professor Stein was being very cautious about this whole thing and made it clear that Barry changing a day was one thing, 15 years is a whole different matter. The butterfly/snowball effect is pretty much impossible to calculate fully.

However I do hope that Henry Allen does get free in Season 2, somehow. There is still story for him to tell without him being in the grey bar hotel. One of which would be rehabilitating his reputation in the court of public opinion. Likely he would work at Star Labs as a Doctor/Father figure for Barry.

11. This is a TIME STORM that they dealing with, not a black hole from not shutting things down in time. A major temporal shakeup occurred with the death of Eddie and erasure of R.F.. With all the grandfather paradoxes that exist between Barry and R.F., a TIME STORM would occur with the slightest change.

another example of a TIME STORM like this occurring: the end of Season 2 of BEAST WARS when Predacon Megatron powered up his weapon and blasted the inert OPTIMUS PRIME

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