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Subj: Review of Reverse Flash/Flash paradox dynamic from Season 1
Posted: Wed Sep 09, 2015 at 10:55:48 pm EDT (Viewed 14 times)

So R.F. can't/won't kill Barry in Season 1 and now his feelings for Barry are still hate, but also respect and a faint sense of paternal feeling. He also has these feelings to a point for Cisco and Caitlyn.

So why R.F. can't/won't kill Barry: because R.F. cannot regularly access the speed force. When R.F went back to kill kid Barry and killed his mom instead that cut off the speed force because at that point in time now there WAS no speed force and Barry was not yet the Flash and may not become the Flash ever. Future Flash still had it as he basically IS the Speed Force.

R.F. hates Barry's guts and wants him dead because there will come a point BEFORE the original Crisis where Barry kills Eobard Thawne/Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash (going off dusty memory here). This has not been mentioned in the show YET.

Thus R.F. wants Barry dead despite any potential paradoxes that WILL erupt however at the moment he needs Barry in Season 1 to tap into his full power, fully recreate the speed force and open the time portal needed for him to go home and of course menace Barry in the future which of course will be R.F.'s past and future.

So grandfather paradox 1: R.F. kills Nora but disrupts things and loses his powers, while Future Flash saves kid Barry knowing that R.F. will still adjust things to ensure that the Flash lives in the altered timeline. Paradox.

Grandfather paradox #2: Thawne becomes R.F. in the future by being obsessed with the Flash and recreates the incident to receive the same powers. But Barry now becomes the Flash thanks to R.F. and the particle accelerator. One creates the other, neither can be created without the other. A temporal circle/meobius strip that CANNOT be broken and should not even be slightly tampered with due to the paradox effect, as demonstrated when R.F. altered things by killing Nora.

Grandfather paradox 3: Season 1 Barry finally gets a chance to save his mother, sees his future self warn him to NOT interfere. If Barry saves his mother, 15 YEARS of time will unravel and alter with unforeseeable results for everyone. Barry and R.F. should exist in the restored timeline along with Barry's parents, but the butterfly/snowball effect cannot be accurately calculated. Professor Stein made this rather clear, change ONE DAY is one thing, 15 years is another. Thus Season 1 Barry MUST let his mother be killed but gets to say good bye to her and assures her he and Henry Allen are well. Note: Either of the Barry's could have conceivable whisked Henry away in the hope he'd be out of prison in the slightly revised timeline but again the ramifications of such a change are UNKNOWN. It was Nora's death and his father unjustly jailed that made Barry grow up believing in the impossible and pursued science and CSI work and then the study of Wells/R.F and the particle accelerator.

So while it is true that in the original timeline where Nora isn't killed, barry still becomes the Flash, it is too great a risk to alter what happened to Nora and Henry. When time is changed the variables can alter in ways unimaginable. By all rights, Flash and R.F. would still exist but the risks are too great to make a change.

Grandfather paradox 4: the Reverse Flash ring. They've seen it and that it contains the costume. Cisco briefly asked about it then disregarded it. However, they have seen the ring, Cisco will think it is cool and eventually make a version for Barry. R.F.'s ring has the reverse lightning on it so we know it isn't Barry's ring. Thus R.F's ring inspires the creation of the FLASH ring which in turn will inspire R.F. to make his own R.F. ring and so on. Paradox.

MAJOR PARADOX aka cluster-screw up: Eddie Thawne has learned he is the direct linear ancestor to R.F. (as I knew). Eddie kills himself which in turn erases R.F. by first removing the Wells DNA disguise, then removing R.F. from existence. This then is what triggers the TIME STORM that Barry is now dealing with. This major paradox created by the death of Eddie has thrown Paradox 1, 2 and 3 above into the temporal storm and who knows how things will shake out. The one SURE way to negate this is to prevent Eddie's death and that is where Rip Hunter may have to step in. If not at the beginning of Season 2 then perhaps mid way or at the finale. Rip then sends the restored R.F. home to his time.

However in the two parter where Barry accidentally time warped, R.F. does warn him that whatever he thinks he has prevented TIME will find a away to compensate and make something else bad.

We know that in Season 2, Earth 2 and the multiverse and Jay Garrick are coming. We know that things will breach the portal and enter our world. We also know that ZOOM is coming and that per comic history he should be a blue costumed version of Reverse Flash that is NOT Eobard Thawne. Thus time may well have compensated for the erasure of R.F.


Flash can't be Flash without Reverse Flash, Reverse Flash cannot be R.F. without the Flash. The hero needs the villain, the villain needs the hero.

As an example of an time circle that cant be broken due to dire effects, go back and watch Babylon 5 and the revelations about Commander Sinclair and the Mimbari VALEN.

For an example of a time storm ripping time to shreds, the end of Beast Wars season 2 when Predacon Megatron blows Optimus Prime's head nearly off.

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