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Subj: Eddie Thawne
Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2015 at 11:00:28 pm BST (Viewed 13 times)

Some people think he might be the new ZOOM villain in Season 2.

Currently, I disagree with that.

There are no clues yet as to who Zoom is other then that he is from Earth 2 and wants Flash dead.

Eddie Thawne shot himself in the HEART at point blank range with what was at least a .38 caliber bullet. He died in front of everyone and the time storm began after RF was erased. RF being erased meant Eddie was dead.

Then Eddie's body was pulled into the singularity as the rest of Team Flash had to get away from ground zero as fast as they can and carrying a dead body kind of slows a normal person down.

his body and other items were pulled in to the time storm as it was ground zero and was absorbing items to build its accretion disk, etc.

The only way I can see Eddie still being alive is if Rip Hunter secretly intervened and is healing him which will restore RF as well OR if Rip Hunter appears and PREVENTS Eddie from blasting his own heart out, which of course saves RF as well.

So barring evidence that states otherwise, Eddie Thawne is dead.

Currently a 0.1% chance at best that he is Zoom. As evidence mounts this percentage may change.