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Subj: FLASH Season 2 Ep 4:
Posted: Wed Oct 28, 2015 at 07:15:46 am GMT (Viewed 7 times)

Okay so we get a rather well done, if a bit predictable episode.

Iris' long lost mother meets Iris who makes it clear that she wants nothing to do with her. Iris' mother is of course upset and heartbroken and later tells Joe she is terminally ill. Iris meets her again and tells her she did some digging and confirms she is dying, but she still calls her a liar for NOT telling her or Joe that 8 months after she left Joe that she gave birth to a SON. A SON that may or may NOT be Joe's. Iris tells her to go away and leaves her.

Wally West I presume?

Earth 2 Well's is lurking around Star Labs then steals something from Mercury Labs and Tina McGee (actress from 9's Flash appears again) sees his face and reports to Joe that it was Harrison Wells, alive and walking. Joe agrees to keep it quite and the new cop is now Detective and Joe's partner and he asks her to keep the news from Barry due to Wells being the killer of Nora Allen.

The new Detective was also looking into attacks caused by what is described as a shark-man......

There is some flirtatious conversations with her and Barry. Love is in the air and Joe does tell Barry that regardless of how he feels about Iris that he should explore such things in life as love always feels different from the first time.

So anyway the main plot is that Professor Stein is overloading and burning out. Scans show that HE is pretty much the power source to FIRESTORM but his molecules need to link to a stabilizing agent and Ronnie is no longer around.

So they check all records available on all known affected persons by the particle accelerator. Two come up as having similar genetic alterations as well as similar blood/genetic matches to Stein.

One is a scientist whose IQ is on par with Stein's. Caitlyn is all set on him being the one, but Barry states they need to check them both. The other is a high school graduate whose injuries from the particle accelerator tore his knee up and ended a promising football career. He is of course a bit angsty and bitter and of course wants nothing to do with this.

Barry and Stein get back to Star Labs and the other recruit is there and was fully briefed by Caitlyn. Barry things they need more time with the other potential recruit, but Stein's time is running out as the stabilizer is losing power.

So they attempt to merge and there is a brief spark of firestorm power but the merge is a fail. The guy is furious and berates them all and leaves in a fury. However we see him surge with power and later at his job he has a argument with his boss and his power flares to full life. Basically he can absorb energy and project it as energy blasts.

Sounds a bit like Bishop of the X-men, eh? \:\)

So anyway, the other recruit, Jay Jackson is approached by an apologetic Caitlyn and he agrees to help. Stein is now bedridden and fading fast. Cisco has recreated the stabilizer and Jackson is briefed on what it will be like if the merge works.

Well of COURSE it works and FIRESTORM 2, the politically correct FIRESTORM is born. Stein once again can communicate with his partner while merged and guide him just as it was with Ronnie. All the powers Firestorm 1 had appear to be in place with Firestorm 2.

So Flash and Firestorm 2 take down the other guy by causing him to overload and burn out. He is locked up in the pipeline for now. Firestorm 2 heads to Pittsburgh where Stein' colleague that helped him and Ronnie lives and that she can help them as well and also to achieve the full potential that he and Ronnie had yet to reach before Ronnie was lost.

Episode ends with the Flash looking at the new cop as she sits in the coffee house and it he's thinking about her clearly when he is suddenly attacked from behind by a rather nicely rendered KING SHARK!

New cop sees it and shoots at it to help Flash but a hooded man blasts KING SHARK from behind and turns to leave. Flash stops him and the guy removes his hood to reveal himself as EARTH 2 HARRISON WELLS!

End of ep.

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