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Subj: FLASH Season 2 Ep 5
Posted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 at 03:47:53 am GMT (Viewed 11 times)

Team Flash meets Dr Wells of Earth 2 and they are not pleased due to all the bad memories.

We get an Earth 2 Flashback of that Wells showing off a new metahuman detector app to the media and Jay Garrick arrives and has words with him. he blames Wells for the particle accelerator explosion that created the metas and at the time, Wells wouldn't take the responsibility.

Now, however Wells is hunting Zoom and it was easy to figure why as we saw that Wells had a daughter in the flashback.

Cisco makes a humorous observation about Earth 2 Wells. "Our Wells was evil but you are just a....."

Dr Light is the Earth 2 counterpart of Linda, the girl from the newspaper that Barry dated briefly.

Her initial fight with the Flash leaves Barry blinded for several hours.

Despite that blindness he goes on his date with Patty who slowly figures out that Barry is temporarily blind, despite a humorous twist by Barry and Cisco for him to keep his date. yes they kiss and seem to hit it off when they get an alert that Dr Light attacked again. She attacks the newspaper to kill Earth 1 Linda and the editor of the paper takes the killshot instead.

Dr Light is stated by Jay as not being a killer, Earth 2 Wells states that is irrelevant as she is under Zoom's influence. Dr Light seems to think that killing the Flash or killing Linda will free her from Zoom's influence.

Not quite certain as to what "influence" Zoom has over her, but we shall see.

Earth 2 Wells and Jay do NOT like each other at all and they slug it out a bit before Barry super speeds them apart, point to note: he pushes Jay away at super speed perhaps that minor exposure to speed force energy will jump start Jay's powers in upcoming episodes.

Earth 2 Wells then outs Cisco as a meta and forces him to use his powers to track Dr Light. He does and Barry suits up and faces her. The fight goes badly until Jay gives him a pep talk and Barry then uses the same stunt that RF did in Season 1 by moving so fast that he created after images to use as decoys until he could blindside her and knock her out and dump her into the pipeline.

Jay and Wells agree that Barry is faster then Jay was.

Caitlyn and Jay almost have a majestic moment but Dr Light interrupted them. Jay also mentions that Atlantis exists on Earth 2 above the see and he has a good friend there. undoubtedly an Aquaman reference.

Cisco gets a date with the girl at the coffee shop whose name just happens to be Kendra Saunders......HAWKGIRL! One more step to the Legends of Tomorrow.

Cisco admits to being scared that he will become evil from his powers like RF was. Caitlyn gives an ironic speech about how people don't necessarily turn evil when they gain super powers.

Also Well's demonstrated his meta detector and it barely reacted at all when he scanned Caitlyn. So either her powers are NOT online yet, OR we may get a hat trick as it were and the Killer Frost fans are waiting for will come from EARTH 2.

Final scene of the ep pretty much explains why Wells of Earth 2 is now hunting Zoom as well as being a bit of a jerk. Zoom has his daughter imprisoned and is deciding her fate and Well's fate.

We also get a funny scene of Earth 2 Wells looking through the auto biography of Earth 1 Wells and it looks rather similar to the cover of the book about Steve Jobs.....

Joe's reaction to seeing Earth 2 Wells was quite appropriate and funny as was the chat he had with Barry afterwards.

earth 2 Wells also has a humorous moment of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot when Cisco and Caitlyn summarize the doppelganger situation and what happened to Harrison Wells of Earth 1.

Also expect Earth 2 Wells daughter to become Jesse Quick