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Is it a little strange that Zoom's ear pieces look very much like the ones Cisco created for the suit Barry ended up with?

Also, now that we've got the white emblem on the chest, who else wonders if Barry's ear pieces will lose the lightning bolts and end up with something looking a bit like Jay's helmet wings?

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Iron Man Unit 007

I'd expect Barry's costume to slowly evolve into what they saw in the future newspaper image and also Barry saw that suit on his future self that was fighting RF in the past.

It's a paradox from Dr Who: when you see the future it pretty much sets into place and must be fulfilled to avoid a paradox.

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On U-chube and coming across a clip from episode 7 - Power Outage, and confronting the electrical villain to buy Barry some time Dr Wells lists off the people killed the night the Particle Accelerator exploded:

Beatriz Dacosta
Jake Davenport (who?)
Grant Emmerson
Ralph Dibney
Al Rothstein
Daria Khim(who?)
Will Everett

Alarming if you had hopes of seeing any of these appear in the series, until Wells adds Ronnie Raymond to the list. Given it subsequently was revealed that Ronnie survived presumably at least some of the others did too... could there be hope for The Elongated Man therefore? \(euh\)

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