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Subj: FLASH Season 2 Ep 6
Posted: Wed Nov 11, 2015 at 03:53:10 am GMT (Viewed 7 times) SNL/Willy Wonka terminology, Barry is currently Ooompa-Loompa screwed.

Team Flash sets things up to trick and trap Zoom.

Earth 2 Dr Light escapes and vanishes so the rig devices for Earth 1 Linda to be pretend to be Dr Light. Her training is about has funny to watch as when Tony was building the Mark 2 armor in his basement in Iron Man 1 and going through some "technical difficulties".

So after she is somewhat ready, she goes and hides and Flash goes to see her and reveals that he is Barry Allen. Her reaction is "Oh my God! I made out with the FLASH!"

Wells works on the speed dampening formula and devices to carry it based on the arrows used on Reverse Flash. Why they aren't recreating Ray Palmer's nanotech that worked on RF I do not know but I have a hunch that serum is going to come into play in another way.....

So after a humorous pretend fight with dialog straight from a badly written comic, the bait to draw in Zoom doesn't work. Team Flash withdraws to think of something else.

ZOOM then arrives at the newspaper and abducts Linda, turns out he knew what was going on. Flash confronts him on Star Labs roof, Linda gets dropped, gets saved and she takes off.

We then get Flash vs. Zoom. Barry builds up energy and hurls lightning at ZOOM......who EASILY CATCHES IT AND HURLS IT BACK AT BARRY AND SENDS BARRY FLYING.

Barry decides to continue to try the fight and he has a syringe of the speed dampening serum. He turns the fight into an aerial drop fight but it doesn't work. Instead Zoom sticks him with the serum then after they land he delivers a heavy blow to Barry's SPINAL CORD and then drags the unconscious Flash to first the newspaper and then the police station to brag and then back to Star Labs to face Wells and Team Flash.

ZOOM is about to siphon Barry's power and kill him but Cisco hits him with a dart of speed dampener (yet Zoom caught Well's earlier dart...) however ZOOM still speeds away.

Joe is ready to kill Wells for this, Cisco reveals that he Vibed on Wells earlier and tells him his daughter is still alive. Wells assures them the only way he gets her back is to stop Zoom.

Barry later awakes, we learn Linda is now in Coast City (yet another GL reference...) and Barry swiftly discovers to his horror that he cannot FEEL HIS LEGS.

End of Ep.

1. Barry does not appear to be siphoned by Zoom but IS affected by the slow down drug. Catilyn and Cisco commented to Barry that he was still healing fast after he awoke from the pounding Zoom gave him. I suspect that spinal trauma can be regenerated but will take longer with the serum in affect.

2. So now Team Flash knows Zoom has Wells 2's daughter.

3. Zoom is clearly faster then Barry for the moment and does not appear affected by the serum, at least not yet.

4. Barry pursues his relationship with Patty. he might as well unmask to her well as Linda.

5. Patty is getting suspicous of Joe and Barry over the lack of pursuit of Dr Light.

6. I suspect that the slow down serum will soon be REVERSED into the SPEED FORMULA. They will need to counter it in Barry's bloodstream to restore his full power so he can heal. Thus this serum will restore Jay Garrick's power and later be taken by Wells 2's daughter as we learn her name is indeed Jesse Quick.

So that is likely how Jay gets his speed back and I predict that we will have the TWO Flashes vs. Zoom, something that Zoom may not be expecting. Wells 2's daughter may join in the fight as a speedster or become one to help Earth 2 and fight alongside Jay when he returns.

Now WHY Cisco and Caitlyn don't try to restore jay's power like they did in Season 1 when Barry was drained is odd..... but it leaves the door open for the Speed Formula to be brought in.

hm, I just remember that in the original 90's series when Barry time jumped to the future by accident, Tina McGee created what was basically the speed formula to jolt Barry's powers back so he could get home.....

We also learn in Flashbacks to Earth 2 that Robert Queen is the ARROW and that Oliver died when the boat sank. We also learn from what Wells tells his daughter that sometimes in science if you don't have the key you kick in the door, so it is likely that Wells was researching the concept of the multiverse and used the particle accelerator to rip open the door to the multiverse and made all the Earth 2 meta's and Zoom in the process.

ZOOM's identity is still unknown. Wells 2 seems certain there is a man in that suit, the others think of him as a monster.

No revisions to the ZOOM suspect list at this time, though Wells 2 definitely appears to not be ZOOM, I still have my theory that Wells 2 was split in 2 by his particle accelerator explosion and what came from Wells 2 became ZOOM.

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