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Subj: FLASH FEB 2nd
Posted: Wed Feb 03, 2016 at 07:40:35 am GMT (Viewed 4 times)

Friction continues in Joe's family with Wally as Iris tries to stop the drag racing. She is even STUPID enough to challenge the villain in his lair.

Barry tries to help Wells2, but Wells2 is feeling anxiety about his daughter and some guilt about working to siphon Barry's power.

He builds a device and installs it on Barry's costume and it siphons a fraction of his speed force while Flash fights the new meta human: TAR PIT. The speed energy is stored in a cylinder....I sense Wally or Jay will benefit from this.....

Wells2 and Barry talk and Wells2 indicates that he will do anything for his daughter and that yes he will betray Barry and Team Flash if push comes to shove.

Barry shows Wells2 some formula from Wells/RF about how the breaches can be closed. Wells2 leaves to review it and gives Zoom the cylinder of speed force from Barry.

When ZOOM takes it we can see his hand tremble....

Wells2 wants his daughter, ZOOM refuses and makes his point clear to Wells2 via pain and makes it clear he wants all of Flash's power.

Team Flash reviews the criminal records of Tar Pit and his targets. One of them is the one that runs all the drag races.

Wells2 shows them a device called a breach implosion reactor. Barry and Wells2 go to test it. Barry is showing some effects of the energy having been drained. Barry throws it into a breach and it appears to be a success. Barry is elated and Wells2 is grim...

Tar Pit is at the race area for his target and Joe and Iris are there.
TP interferes with the race, and Barry gets a call about the race going awry. Wally's car is flipped but Barry arrives in time to save him and the villain. However Barry cannot catch all the debris from the car before a shard pierces Iris' chest......Barry is affected by the speed loss.....he gets her to E.R. and she is saved. It is a shoulder wound, not a heart wound so she will be fine in time.

Wally visits them, he and Joe bond a bit.

At Star Labs, Cisco shows the new nitro grenades made to stop Tar Pit.
Barry suspects the suit may be a problem but Cisco assures him the suit is fine, Wells2 quickly dismisses the suit.

Caitlyn detects a 2% power loss in Barry.

Barry is worrying and Wells2 confesses to the device he implanted in the suit to siphon speed force. He tells them what he did and that he gave the power to Zoom. Joe beats down Wells2 and throws him into the pipeline and states its either this or he will kill Wells2.

They go to stop Tar Pit.

TP appears and looks alot like Clayface....Flash tosses the grenades into him and he shatters, his human form is on the ground and Joe decks him.

Barry confronts Wells2 in his cell and comments on the irony of things. Wells2 states he did it for his daughter and reminds him that he would betray them to save his daughter. Wells2 asks to be sent back to Earth 2 and reminds them of the implosion reactor to seal the portals and ZOOM will never appear on Earth 1 again. Wells2 states his daughter is his problem, not theirs. Barry and Joe leave to think it over.

Analysis indicates that Barry is slightly drained and that the siphon would permanently depower Barry. Joe wants Wells2 gone but Barry makes points about why Wells2 should stick around and that his daughter is in danger and that Earth 2 is in danger from ZOOM. Barry refuses to close the breaches just to leave Earth 2 in danger.

They agree to release Wells2 from lockup. Barry tells him he is on the team and they will help him save his daughter and that they are going to Earth2.

1. ZOOM appears to be a speed force junkie as shown when his hand trembled before injecting the speed energy

2. The device that drained Barry could be used on ZOOM...the the trouble is getting it on ZOOM.....

3. Barry should recover his missing 2% in time but it is hard to tell.

4. No sign of Jay Garrick, is he really ZOOM? I doubt it.


1. Earth 2 Barry or Henry Allen: we know nothing of their lives on Earth 2. Thus they are suspects until shown otherwise.

Wells2 says he created ZOOM. Now this could be slightly metaphorical given that ZOOM likely was empowered/created by Wells2's particle accelerator rather then something deliberate. Was ZOOM a human once?

2. ZOOM is the evil half of Wells2 or of Jay Garrick. Not that Wells2 is a saint but he isn't evil just a jerk. ZOOM could be all of Wells2's negative personality traits embodied in its own form after the particle accelerator. OR he could have been split/subdivided/diverged from Jay Garrick. Jay gets empowered to become the Flash of Earth 2 but as he recovered ZOOM splits from him, taking most of the speed force and now ZOOM wants it all. he's faster then Jay and does drain him before Jay was warped to Earth 1. Is ZOOM maintaining a link to Jay and thus is siphoning power from him even as Jay replenishes it, despite a brief boost from Velocity 6? Jay is ill and dying without his powers, is it also because he can't live due to being split from his evil half? Is ZOOM also suffering such side effects?

3. ZOOM is somehow Speedforce personified.....possible but I'm not leaning too much in this direction, yet.

4. Hunter Zolomon, well he is of Earth 1, not 2 and ZOOM comes from Earth 2. However perhaps ZOOM is evil Jay Garrick and has killed the real Hunter Zolomon and taken his place on Earth 1? possible but again, not too likely at the moment.

Unlike Season 1 dropping major hints for me to deduce who RF/Wells was, Season 2 is a bit more obfuscated with the clues so far \:\)

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