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Subj: The FLASH Feb 16: Escape from Earth 2
Posted: Wed Feb 17, 2016 at 01:16:04 am CST (Viewed 11 times)

Barry2 is a wet noodle, Nuff said!

The man in the iron mask taps out J A Y in code and Barry tells him that Jay is on earth 1 but the masked man shakes his head no.

99% probability that the man in the Iron Mask is the real Jay Garrick.

Caitlyn discovers a flaw in the new Velocity 8 and reformulates it into Velocity NINE

"Jay" has repaired the breach machine, Barry and his team have 20 hours left to return.

Geomancer launches an attack on the city to call out Flash2. "Jay" takes the Velocity 9 and suits up. He evacuates the collapsing building in time and smiles. He returns to Star Labs and collapses for a moment. He is confident that Velocity 9 is a success and goes to take a nap. He also mentions he surprised himself.....hmm

Zoom arrives to interrupt the tap code conversation and warns the masked man to not talk to them again.....he then pummels Barry senseless then leaves.

Zoom can phase into the cells and Barry seems to realize he might be able to kidding he phased through a truck in Season 1

Wells2, Cisco, Barry2 and Iris2 find Killer Frost. they fight of course.

On Earth 1, Caitlyn seems to have figured out how to save "Jay". Geomancer then enters the room and attacks. Caitlyn subdues him with one of Cisco's weapons.

KF agrees to help them

Barry keeps trying to phase through the cell. Jesse helps Barry remember that Earth 2 is on a different vibrational wavelength....he begins to try again.

Joe takes Geomancer away. "Jay" apologizes for not being on hand against Geomancer. Caitlyn shows him that his cells are not degenerating, thanks to Velocity 9 energizing his own regeneration powers. They kiss. THen alarms start sounding and they need to repair damage done by Geomancer to the portal machine. Hm...Geomancer or "Jay" which one damaged it?

Cisco's team gets into ZOOM's lair and Wells2 gets Jesse free. KF cant release Barry. Wells2 states the cells is made of carbine. Barry thinks he isn't fast enough to phase out of the cell and tells them to leave. Barry2 then speaks to him and tells him that if he can climb mountains to rescue Jesse then Barry can do the impossible and phase out of the cell. Barry2 manages to help Barry purge his self doubts.
Barry phases out, the man in the mask nods in approval. Barry wants to free the masked man but ZOOM arrives and thanks KF for her help.

Zoom is about to kill Jesse but KF intervenes and tells them to run. Barry refuses to leave the masked man but realizes he has to go and promises him he will return.

"Jay" states he can manually repair the damage despite the risk he may get sucked into the portal. Joe aids him. "Jay" creates a vortex around the portal while Joe flips the needed switches, Caitlyn observes that V9 is starting to wear off. The portal is stable and "Jay" collapses having run out of V9.

Barry2 and Iris2 go to Atlantis to be with family. Wells2 and Jesse decide they need to go to the one place they can: Earth 1. Wells2 tells her that ZOOOM is too strong and their lives are ruined on Earth2.

Cisco and Jesse emerge and he warns them ZOOM is coming....

ON Earth 2 ZOOM grabs Wells2, he stabs ZOOM with something and he and Barry portal jump. "Jay" throws a portal bomb into the portal but he steps too close to the portal before it closes and we see ZOOM's hand suddenly vibe thru his chest/heart and he is pulled into the portal before it closes.

1. Fun episode.

2. So....I am referring to the "Jay" we have had on Earth 1 so far as "Jay" as there is a strong chance the man in the mask is the real Jay Garrick.

So WHO is Jay on Earth 1? Hunter Zoloman or perhaps Edward Clariss/The Rival, Jay Garrick's comic book adversary from Earth-2 who attempted to recreate Jay's speed through a serum called Velocity 9. The Rival also wears a darker toned costume and "Jay's" did seem a bit dark red with the lighting bolt also red and not yellow....

But of course that still leaves the question WHO IS ZOOM? Hunter? Edward? A molecular split from Jay when the particle accelerator went boom? Henry Allen2? (i am NOT taking Henry2 off the possibility list until ZOOM is unmasked)

3. If ZOOM wants more speed, if there are traces of V9 still in "JAY" then the serum could be recreated on Earth 2.

4. Wells2 is now on Earth 1 until further notice, where he is believed to be dead and also the murderer of Nora Allen, good luck with that!

5. Barry once again can phase and with the talk of different vibrational frequencies for other Earths, he will likely soon learn he can dimension jump which will lead him back to Earth 2 and eventually to Supergirl's Earth for that meeting.

6. If the man in the mask is indeed Jay Garrick.....why the mask....unless ZOOM and "Jay" are working together perhaps for the purpose of creating velocity 9 so ZOOM can turbo charge himself.....or else ZOOM is able to be in two universes at once.....

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