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Subj: So with Velocity 9 now on the show
Posted: Sun Feb 21, 2016 at 06:58:31 am GMT (Viewed 8 times)

So with Velocity 9 now on the show, how long until Jesse Wells2 and Wally West start juicing up? Season 2 to aid against ZOOM or Season 3?

Also the show has made many nice references to the 90's series including John Wesley Shipp as Henry Allen. Ship states he doesn't want to suit up again....but money talks and speaks loudly, and with CGI/stunt doubles we could very easily get an episode that is a major fan service.

Barry is unavailable or somehow captured. Jesse and Wally aren't around to help as they aren't speedsters yet, and Henry Allen is visiting Star Labs. They decide there is only one thing to do.....

...Henry juices up on Velocity 9 and suits up \:\)

They could even play the original series theme song as he's zipping around.

Hey after all, they did integrate the TRICKSTER from the old series into this one, so now with Velocity 9 they could easily do an episode as a tribute to the old show with Ship suited up again.

Money talks \:\)