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Subj: FLASH Feb 23rd ZOOM........
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Team Flash thinks "Jay" is dead, Caitlyn has a bit of a freakout.
Wells2 tells them the portals are sealed for good and they cannot be reopened. He also tells Barry/Cisco to not tell anyone of what happened on Earth 2, especially regarding the doppelgangers.

Weeks pass and they try to move on.

Over at ARGUS, we see Diggle and his wife, and she is the new head of ARGUS. King Shark is escaping.

Joe/Iris are concerned about Barry since he got back and hasn't told them a thing.

Caitlyn is working hard at Star Labs, and she is in a foul mood. Are we seeing preliminary signs of her going Killer Frost? Cisco mentions to Barry about how cold she is being. Also I love Cisco's T-shirt.

Diggle alerts Barry that King Shark is alive and on his way to kill The Flash. Cisco comments they will need a bigger Flash....nice JAWS joke.

Turns out ARGUS has been monitoring meta humans for the past 2 years in the hope of weaponizing the powers.

Wells2 tells them the back story of King Shark, a marine biologist that was blasted by the particle accelerator. Wells2 tries to see if he can track him like he did with Grodd. Turns out the Earth1 version of the man who would be King Shark is dead, killed in the particle accelerator explosion. Cisco also offers Diggle some mods to his Spartan helmet.

They check with the widow of the Earth 1 K.S., turns out he died of a super form of cancer from the particle accelerator. Caitlyn is a bit cold in her behavior, the widow reluctantly agrees to help them.

Diggle has a chat with Flash and warns him to not carry the world on his shoulders like Arrow does. Diggle still cant get over how fast Flash is.

Barry helps Wally with his project to get admitted to school. Jet turbine powered cars....

Cisco talks to Caitlyn about her mood and he lets slip a comment about how her eyes remind him of Killer Frost's.......he ends up telling her about Killer Frost. Caitlyn reminds him she is not a metahuman, Cisco reminds her of her recent behavior. She reminds him of the recent losses she's had of late and how she needs to be this way for awhile.

Wells2 and Jesse chat about K.S. and she lends a hand to track K.S.

Barry tries to build a relationship with Wally, but there is some issues.....then K.S. burst into the house and demands to know where the FLASH is. He is tracking FLASH's scent!

Joe draws his attention for a moment so Barry and zip to the street and call out K.S. Flash tells him the portals are all closed for good, there is no way home to Earth 2. Barry gets bashed and battered and K.S. warns him that he will be faster then the FLASH in water.

Joe makes a joke about whether his insurance covers a sharknado attack....

After the fight, Wally is flabbergasted and sees Barry and asks if he hid under his bed and a coward. He then leaves.

Barry finally tells Iris and Joe about their doppelgangers, including what happened to Joe2 and how Barry2 and Iris2 are married. Barry blames himself for JOe2's death and how he has left Earth2 at the mercy of ZOOM.

Cisco makes another JAWS joke as they compare notes on K.S.
Caitlyn and Cisco come up with a plan to track K.S., Wells2 and Jesse go to implement it and Diggle and his wife prep the ARGUS team.

The trap is baited and they wait for hours for K.S.
He finally arrives and eats the Flash lure but it doesn't work.

Barry then fights K.S. on the water and creates an electric hydro vortex to trap K.S. It works and then Barry finishes it by hurling a lightning bolt to blast K.S. senseless.

K.S. is taken away and Diggle's wife vows to cure K.S.
Diggle gives Barry some advice regarding guilt and to let tonight's win help him.

Later Joe chats with Wally about his car project then tells him about how and why he took Barry in.

Caitlyn then plays a very hilarious joke on Cisco by pretending she was turning into K.F. Caitlyn then laughs and reminds him she was tested and that SHE DOES NOT HAVE THE META GENE.

Barry apologizes to the team regarding his decision to time warp and save his mother and how he opened the portals due to the Time Storm and how he blames himself for what happened to "Jay". He also intends to stop ZOOM somehow and that he will get to Earth 2 again somehow and stop ZOOM. Barry then unveils a case containing "jay's" helmet.

We then see on Earth 2 as "jay" is dumped into the on to the floor in front of the man in the iron mask who starts freaking out a bit.

ZOOM then unmaskes and he is..........."Jay Garrick" ?!??!?!?!
he looks at the unconscious "Jay" and says "this is a complication!"

Looks like perhaps the man in the mask IS indeed Jay, and that ZOOM is perhaps his evil twin brother or else stole Jay's face and put the mask on him. OR as I have been stating the particle accelerator somehow divided the real Jay Garrick at the molecular level thus there is a good Jay which is trapped in the mask and ZOOM is Jay's evil half.

OR: The "Jay" we have seen so far is indeed the real Jay however in the comics as I recall the real Jay Garrick NEVER needed Velocity serum to have his powers. Edward Clarris/THE RIVAL (aka first version of Reverse Flash) however DOES need Velocity 9.

So: Is Jay somehow split into good and evil versions?

Is Jay the man in the Mask OR another speedster like Johnny Quick?

Is the "jay" we have been seeing the real Jay or at least half of him as the other half is ZOOM?

or is he somehow Hunter Zolomon with either a face change to look like Jay or is Jay's twin brother?

Also is it me or when "Jay" was dumped to the ground, did his face look different?

Ah well, not too surprised that ZOOM isn't Henry Allen2, here's hoping Henry of Earth 1 takes a dose of Velocity 9 and has to suit up for an episode \:\)