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Barry's training has some humorous speed bumps.

Barry is determined to get faster no matter what.

A new speedster is running around, causing mayhem and madness and SHE is faster then Barry!

Later, Barry learns of Velocity 9 and all the dangers with it. Barry is not pleased that he wasn't told of it and is sorely tempted to try it.

Caitlin speaks to a friend a Mercury Labs who helped develop parts of Velocity 9. Turns out she is a scientist, she has reverse engineered V9 for herself and she is a schizoid who has flown over the cuckoo's nest.

She attacks Star Labs and sticks Barry in the pipeline then takes them hostage and Wells2 agrees to make some V9 to save them and his daughter.

iris tries to convince her boss the Flash hasn't gone bad.

Cisco's power flares up and shows him ZOOM....

Wells2 gives Trajectory some V9 and to test to make sure it isn't poisoned, she injects Jessie! Apparently this is a rather pure version of V9 and she is reacting badly. Wells2 gives her some of his blood to purge the V9 from her. Jessie is concerned about him and how he gave Trajectory the V9 to save her and that he may need to rethink things. Wells2 is determined to keep her safe.

Caitlyn stuck a tracker in the drug, they locate her attempting to wreck a bridge.

Barry evacs the bridge but she starts bringing it down. Barry needs to get to Mach3.3 speed to make the jump across the broken bridge, this time he makes the long jump and tackles Trajectory. She attempts to shoot up with more V9 and Barry tries to talk her down, but she shoots up anyway.

She runs off and Barry notes her lightning starts turning to blue and we watch as she goes so fast that she crumbles away and disappears leaving behind her mask and empty costume....okay if that is NOT a nod to how Barry perished in Crisis on Infinite Earths.....

the newspaper shows a photo of Flash vs Trajectory so his name is cleared.

Back at Star Labs, Jessie has left a message for Wells2. She has decided to go out and see the world and boards a bus for Opal City.

Team Flash compares notes about the Blue Lightning from Trajectory and they conclude that Zoom is dying and that he needs Barry's speed to cure him. They all then realize that Jay may well be ZOOM especially since Barry remembers that speedsters CAN be in two places at once.

Cisco then admits he has been vibing on ZOOM, particularly when he is near Jay's helmet! Barry gets mad and smashes the case and gives Cisco the helmet.

Cisco takes it and sees ZOOM unmasking to reveal the face of who they believe to be Jay. I still suspect Hunter Zolomon. Cisco thinks it is Jay and tells Team Flash. Barry gets upset and runs back to the cliff that he failed to jump earlier and roars in anger.

Fun episode.

1. So V9 is currently out of the question and Barry has learned by watching Trajectory that he shouldn't use it. Plus Wells2 gave him a morality lecture about short cuts.

2. Jessie gets dosed with V9 but is allegedly cured of it before it kills her.....but will she have speed later on? We shall see. She is also heading to Opal City, home of may super humans in the comics.

3. Trajectory pulls a "Crisis on Infinite Earths" and goes too fast and disintegrates, leaving behind her empty costume, just like Barry did in Crisis. Please note that when Felicity first visited on the show in Season 1 that she asked if such a thing could happen to Barry.

4. Barry can't jump the canyon in the beginning but to stop Trajectory he of course then can summon the power to hit Mach 3.3 and make the long jump. Once again, doubt stops Barry in the beginning and he beats his doubts during the fight. They really need to get over this "dont doubt yourself" plot trope as it is getting REALLY STALE. Barry has the power and he needs to pull his head out of the sand and realize that he knows he knows he has the power, etc. etc.

5. Is is postulated by Team Flash that ZOOM's blue lightning means he is dying, thus why he wants Barry's power to heal up.

Remember when Wells2 gave him some of Barry's energies that ZOOM's hand was shaking.

Also "Jay" did tell Caitlyn that he was using V6 to get faster and faster and that it made him ill.

However the myster of who "Jay" was that was yanked back to Earth2 by ZOOM still remains along with who is in the mask (the real Jay)

If ZOOM is Hunter Zolomon of Earth 2, he may still have the time warp powers from the comics and made a replica of himself but was also using Velocity to get faster and thus made himself ill. The replica retains the illness and was programmed to get a better version of Velocity serum on Earth 1. Zoom learns from "Jay" that the portals are closing and thus ZOOM reclaims his copy before the portal is sealed.

Only a theory but we shall see.

Glad the show is back.

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