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Subj: Flash Jan 23rd
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Barry stops a prison riot

Ralph rather comedically stops a suicide bomber. The media calls him the stretchy man. Ralph starts to introduce himself to the villain and almost says the word "Mister".....perhaps Mister Fantastic?

Ralph is still a jerk.

Team Flash is preoccupied with Barry's situation and is apparently studying all the evidence in an effort to file an appeal

Barry meets Axel Walker in prison aka the Fake Trickster.
We also meet Big Sir

Iris chats with Barry daily

Walker is broken out of prison by his mother...who just happens to be the actress from the 90's Flash series that played Prank, sidekick to the Trickster! and in this new show she is still Prank, sidekick to the 90's Trickster!

Cisco is apparently working on how to bypass the camera system so Barry can phase out at will and help fight criminals.

Prank takes Axel to the remaining Clarx Toys warehouse, she tells him that Trickster broke out of prison a year ago and hasn't been looking for them. She thinks Hamil/Trickster is a deadbeat, etc. She wants them to be free of him.

Axel is determined to get attention from his father and targets Ralph.

Big Sir stops Barry from getting the shiv in the gym

Axel goes on TV and challenges Ralph to a show down.

Ralph shows up and at first Trickster attacks cant hurt him until he pulls out the acid. Ralph is hurt bad and Cisco Vibes in and gets him out.

Wells2 states it is a new acid and Cisco comments it is on par with xenomorph blood. Caitlyn comments that they know Ralph's kryptonite now, he asks what that is...yawn.

Big Sir reveals that Henry once helped him so he returned the favor.

Prank tells Axel that he can be the real Trickster. She is now wild and stopped taking her meds and wants to paint the town red.....

We do get the sight of a beebo doll from Legends being destroyed....

Axel and Prank take hostages and set up a classic screwball plan to kill them unless Ralph shows up.

Cisco gives Ralph a pocket sized container that has his new suit in it....possible precursor to the Flash Ring? Anyway, Ralph turns chicken and walks out. he goes to break Barry out of prison. Barry advises him of the cameras and that he would be noticed being gone in minutes. barry gives him a pep talk and he leaves.

Wells2, Vibe and Caitlyn head out after they get her to switch to KF mode.

Big Sir reveals that Henry saved his life from a burst appendix. Big Sir then gets ambushed by other prisoners.....

The hostages are revealed to be Prank and Trickster and they slap power dampeners on all the villains have those now???

Ralph shows up and opens the tiny box containing his suit, there is a glowing light in it, he arches and eye brow and we get a nice Army of Darkness tribute......GROOVY!

Barry helps Big Sir and notes there are no cameras working in the area and slightly uses his power to save Big Sir.

Ralph shows up, gives a great speech and the fight is on.

Ralph uses himself to shield them from the Acid. However Wells 2 nullified it in time.

ralph stumbles across the name Elongated Man while talking to the media....he doesn't like it but it starts to grow on him.

Mystery girl from Barry's wedding appears and helps pay for coffee for Cisco and Ralph. She rambles and babbles a bit and we see she is writing the same glyphs Barry was writing after he left the speed force...

So....a future member of the Allen family perhaps?

Was hoping Hamil/Trickster would have appeared at the end to break his family out of custody so we'd get an episode of the whole family together.

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