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Subj: Ways for Team Flash to outhink the Thinker
Posted: Sun Jan 28, 2018 at 11:05:32 pm CST (Viewed 917 times)

Just speculation here of course but once again Team Flash has an enemy at least 3 steps ahead of them at all times and has the intellect to conceive of every contingency and probability.

Also of course Star Labs is again compromised and the enemy can spy on them.

So for starters:

1. a complete overhaul again of Star Labs security and alarms and a complete sweep for all bugs and cameras.

2. Overhaul and augment all firewall programs.

3. Does Devoe know of RF's time vault? if not it could make a good secret meeting room.

4. Team Flash could have Cisco zap them to Earth 2 and use that Star Lab to plan a course of action against Devoe without him spying on them.

5. Team Flash could use some help from allies or frenemies that Devoe may not have calculated for:

A. The Legends

B. Gorilla Grodd. He may hate Flash enough to want to kill Flash himself and thus want to stop Devoe for that reason. Also Grodd's mind powers vs Devoe's should be interesting to see.

C. Jay Garrick: Devoe may not have factored in extra dimensional help.

D. The Captain Cold of Earth X

E. Constantine: yes he may be joining the Legends, but he could pop in on his own to aid them and I doubt Devoe can compensate for magic

F. As much as I hate to say this character, this is a character that for his own sick and twisted reasons may want to help Barry despite the fact that he should no longer exist: REVERSE FLASH. RF needs to make sure Barry lives long enough to fulfill certain points of time and Barry being in jail may throw things off.

G. Alternate future Barry. By all rights the future Barry went to last seen should not exist since they stopped Savitar but on a quantum level it may still exist. Get the Barry from that future to aid them, perhaps his own future knowledge about Devoe could stop Devoe in the present.