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Subj: What's Past is Prologue
Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2018 at 03:58:40 pm GMT (Viewed 700 times)

A decent episode again. Not as exciting as I hoped for (since it was the 100th episode) but not a total dud.

Barry just can't help going for the easiest solution i.e. go back in time and change whatever the issue he is presented with. As usual, Barry "laments" the fact he will have to go back in time and does not want to bring Nora with him. However, Iris convinces him that since going back in time was Nora's (bad) idea she should go with him. The plan is to go back in time and get: (1) a shard of alloy from Savitars armor, (2) a vial, (3) and dark matter. They (re)visit the night Savitar was defeated, the night Zoom captures Caitlyn and the night Barry went back in time (the first time) to Wells/Thawne. The first stop goes well in getting the shard of armor but a "time wraith" appears and follows Barry through the time stream. After they get the vial from Zoom he (Zoom) follows them into the time stream where Barry maneuvers the time wraith into taking Zoom out. Killing two speedster issues with one stone! Nonetheless, as they are escaping Zoom the vial with dark matter gets broken. Barry has the wonderful idea to drop in (via the timestream) on Wells/Thawne and have him repair the broken vial. They do that and the interaction between Barry and Wells/Thawne is amusing/entertaining. (However, I must admit my fondness for the Wells/Thawne RF). Barry convinces Thawne that repairing the vial is in his best interest and Wells/Thawne does so. Barry and Nora then stop by the hospital and hide the vial in a column at the entrance to the hospital.

Barry and Nora return to their present. The team gets prepared and confronts Cicida. During the battle the vial of dark matter gets destroyed. Just as Cicida is about to put a whoopin' on the team Killer Frost (KF) appears and fights Cicida off, who flees from the hospital. I don't know why everyone on the team was so amazed KF was not affected by Cicida's dagger. Before the team went off to confront Cicida I told my wife "make sure KF is available because she is not a 'meta" and should not be affected by Cicid's dagger.

Nonetheless, the episode follows Nora as she inputs her diary into Gideon. I feel this was risky because Thawne has access to Gideon. Nonetheless, after doing that Nora timejumps to 2049 and we see where she has captured and imprisoned the Wells RF. His costume looks a lot different. Do any of you know its origin? The episode concludes with Nora and Thawne agreeing they need to talk . . .

This episode reinforces the wrong message to Nora that time travel is ok to solve any problem that isn't easily overcome. In reality, the time stream would now be so messed up that who knows what will happen next . . .

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