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So in the Flash TV show they had established that there were only 52 Earth's. I think it was during the Crisis on Earth X crossover. Recently this season they they have mentioned Earth 92 and Earth 212. I may have the numbers wrong but you know what I mean. My point is no one on the show reacted to the higher numbers. There was no, " wait a minute!. there are only 52 Earth's!" Or something along those lines. So did I miss where they found there were more than 52 Earth's or am I remembering wrong? Thanks for any answers.

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At the end of season 2, Harry said there were infinite Earths. But in the Crisis on Earth-X crossover, Harry said there were 52 Earths, not counting Earth-X. Now an Earth-90 has appeared, and an Earth-221 has been mentioned. It seems the writers have gone back and forth on the issue.

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Can always say that Wells could only detect the 52 Earth's then saw Earth x and stopped looking.

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Or the Earths are not consecutively numbered . . . 

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    Or the Earths are not consecutively numbered . . . 

I've always wondered...who gave the worlds their numbers?

You would think everyone would want to call their world earth-1.

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I don't know about the show, but in the comics it was usually whomever crossed dimensions named them, and in order of discovery. Hence when Barry Allen traveled to Jay Garrick's Earth he named his own Earth-1 and Jay's Earth-2, even though the age of heroes started earlier on Earth-2. When the JLA and JSA found the Crime Syndicate's Earth they dubbed it Earth-3. In the post-Crisis version it was Alexander Luthor of the Crime Syndicate's Earth who first discovered the dimensions, so he named his world Earth-1 and the JLA's Earth-2 (not that this stuck).

Earth-4 was really only numbered in captions during the COIE, I don't know if any of the characters ever referred to it. Maybe the Monitor, since he was aware of all infinity Earths.

But we did end up with non-sequentially numbered worlds. Earth-S, home of the Shazam family was originally going to be Earth-5 but they changed it because they said due to the inks and papers used for printing producing a generally blurry result, the industry tended not to use the number 5 ever since it would look like an S. So there was no Earth-5 but that didn't stop them from calling Lady Quark's world Earth-6.

Then there's Earth-Prime, I guess assumed to be the base Earth since it had no superheroes and the DC heroes were just fictional characters there. But then Earth-2's heroes were fictional characters on Earth-1 and it turned out that Earth-Prime did have a Krypton and Kal-El so the logic doesn't really hold.

In Infinite Crisis they managed to separate the merged Earths supposedly even though they somehow pulled out alternate Earths that weren't part of the merge. Some of them had fourth-wall breaking designations like I think the Pre-Crisis Legion now hailed from Earth-247 or something that was a reference to the first issue of Adventure Comics they appeared in. And the Zero-Hour Legion came from Earth-94 since they debuted in 1994. Tangent Earth was Earth-97 for the same reason.

Then all the Earths got remerged but somehow they wound up as 52 Earths that kinda-sorta resembled the Pre-Crisis Earths and numberings except Shazam Earth was actually Earth-5 this time. And then they got reshuffled again with the New 52. Those were probably numbered by the new council of Monitors.

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