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Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 at 04:01:56 pm BST (Viewed 1061 times)

Kind of a "meh" episode. I don't really have any strong feelings either way. I believe Barry has a right to be upset about Nora working all along with Thawne and not telling him. Iris also has a right to be aggravated that Barry did not discuss his plan to send Nora back to the future with her before doing it.

Thawne has everyone eating out of his palm. He has Nora using the "Reverse Speed Force," Iris believing he/RF cares about Nora and Barry, well, he always gets in Barry's head. What happened to the clock counting down his execution? Last week it was under two hours but we get through this entire episode without two hours passing? We all know RF is going to escape . . .

The "Reverse Speed Force," was this in the comics? It makes no sense to me. When he was initially trapped in 2015, Gideon said his access to the Speed Force was drained. There was no mention of a "reverse speed force." Also, if he time travels in the reverse speed force, why did the Speed Force send the Black Flash after him?

It was pretty cool that Nora's return to 2019 was on the same street RF returned to the show in the opening scene of season 2.