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Subj: Flash #751: Runs out of time...
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From 0-DAY...

    It appears Godspeed casually trying to double-cross Paradox. Classic.

Hmm... #750 got me to TRY to jump back on board.

    I know it was confirmed a while back that Thawne would be in this arc, but still pretty hyped to see his hologram here. Williamson writes Thawne really well, so I hope he won't disappoint this time.

Fingers crossed.

    Paradox, for all his ranting, is right though

All the recycled Crisis Time tomfoolery and inconsistent Flashpoint ramifications keeps making me drop the book at lengths.

    Getting Rogue War vibes here, but with Godspeed getting strapped to the cosmic threadmill instead of Jay.

    Is he finally dead again? We'll see in two weeks!

Or maybe mom is a Speed Force manifestation (ala TV show)?

    I don't think anyone can muster love or hate for such a mediocre villain as Paradox.

Didn't even realize his status quo was active again.

    The main Flash villains are the Rogues. They are usually normal humans with some pretty powerful tech so they can go toe to toe with the Flash. Pic related is an old lineup. From left to right:
    Pied Piper (reformed Rogue, now a good guy)
    The Top (barely appears nowadays and mainly does his own thing)
    Weather Wizard
    Captain Cold (the leader of the Rogues)
    Mirror Master (can move through reflective surfaces)
    Heat Wave (a pyromaniac)
    Captain Boomerang (mostly does Suicide Squad things nowadays)

    They are not criminals to rule the world, they just see it as a normal job. They also have a code. No drugs, no killing women and children and no killing superheroes.

    Other members include Golden Glider (Cold's sister), Rainbow Raider (barely appears nowadays) and the Trickster (two people have worn that mantle. Both are currently alive)

Wonder if Godspeed will eventually make the cut. We get some interesting origin details.

    Godspeed is a attempt to remake Zolomon and have a "Red Hood" of the Flash Family


    There's also the Reverse Flashes, most important of which are Eobard Thawne and Hunter Zolomon.

    >Eobard Thawne
    Thawne was a psychotic Flash fanboy from the future and wanted nothing more than to be the Flash. He traveled back in time to meet his hero, only to discover that he would become the Reverse Flash and that Barry Allen would break Thawne's neck. This drove him crazy and he has hated the Flash ever since. The story has been changed a bit over time, but it always has him traveling back in time and discovering something that drives him mad. Mostly a Barry Allen villain. Has also killed Barry's mother.

    >Hunter Zolomon
    The Reverse Flash for Wally West. He was a Rogues profiler for the Keystone City police department and became friends with Wally there. His stepfather was killed, because Hunter was sure a criminal wouldn't have a gun (he did have one). Then his wife left him, he moved to Keystone and Gorilla Grodd broke his spine a little later, making him wheelchair bound. He begged Wally to go back in time to fix it, but Wally wouldn't do it. So Hunter went onto the cosmic threadmill himself, but it exploded and Hunter got outside of time. He isn't a speedster, time around him just moves really slow. He tortures Wally, because he is convinced that tragedy makes someone a better hero and Wally obviously hadn't had enough tragedy in his life yet.

Neat to get Coles Notes on 'em.

    As soon as I saw "Former Best friend" and "Speedster" I knew all too well its a retread of Zolomon, and I'm sick of Barry stealing stuff from Wally.

    My guess is Paradox is Wally West.


    I feel like they purposefully make Wally sound suspect especially with his whole flash forward story that just happened. But come on, he's Dr. Flashhattantron now and completely unmoored from the Multiverse. This whole thing would be beneath him, and Paradox even says he'd only just be a god within the Multiverse IF he properly erases Barry.

    I honestly think it's either The Turtle or a bystander/citizen that got wrecked off panel during the Flash Year One finale.


    Guys they already did his origin, we already know who Paradox is the black guy from the year one story who barry saved. he starts experimenting with the multiverse/timelines and when barry changes the future this unmoors paradox from time.


    That 'afterlife' conclusion actually surprised me. I truly look forward to the next issue.


I miss Dad & Dan.

I miss you, Dan. I miss you, Dad. I miss you, Dan.
I miss you, Dad & Dan. I miss you Dad and Dan. Support Cancer Research.
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