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Subj: Arrow Oct 26th
Posted: Fri Oct 27, 2017 at 12:55:29 am EDT (Viewed 903 times)

Diggle as GA so far is working, except for the fact that he is NOT shooting Arrows.

FBI agent doesn't believe that this is the real GA and still thinks Oliver is GA

Kord industries gets robbed.

Anti-Vigilante legislation is impending

Villain of the week steals nerve gas from Kord, Team Arrow fails to stop her, Diggle froze in the field.

Oliver chats with Diggle

Enemies of the week do not consider GA a threat

Felicity tutors William in math

Team Arrow and Diggle come together and stop the villains.

Curtis and Felicity created a specialized crossbow that shoots arrows instead of crossbow bolts. Diggle's aim is true and there are no stabilizers in the crossbow, Diggle states his tremor is gone

Oliver comes up with a delay to the anti vigilante legislation

FBI suspects Diggle is now in charge of Team Arrow

At the end of the ep, Diggle makes an illicit purchase of a medication for his arm.

And finally, be afraid, be VERY afraid, run for the hills in abject terror! The unthinkable has occurred! OLICITY LIVES!!!!!! \:\)