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Subj: Arrow "thanksgiving"
Posted: Fri Nov 24, 2017 at 10:19:15 pm EST (Viewed 1033 times)

Oliver is arrested by the feds in public in front of his son.

Curtis gives Diggle a prototype implant that might fix his arm.

Our hi tech villains with Black Siren pull off a snatch and grab that their boss Caden James needs.

Dinah offers Oliver a chance to escape but he refuses to become a fugitive.

At the Arrowcave, Curtis takes note of the fact that they didn't get any alerts to the theft.

Oliver has his arraignment, is released on a 5 million bail.

The prosecution claims they have definitive proof that Oliver is the Arrow

Felicity states the evidence against Oliver is kept offline.

Quentin gets to work in clearing Oliver's name

Team Arrow mobilizes against the criminals, Diggle however goes down and is injured. Possible chip failure

Felicity learns of Diggle's condition and of Curtis' prototype for the first time. She and Curtis have some words about this

The Dr states it is likely withdrawl from the drug and the prototype may not be helping.

Oliver learns of Diggle's problems and visits him in the hospital. They exchange some words and Oliver is not pleased.

Felicity calculates where the enemy will strike, at a Billy Joel concert that is packed with fans. Oliver arrives and states he will issue a state of emergency and get the concert shut down. Joel's manager refuses to cancel without proof.

Oliver chats with Diggle again. They make up.
Test results on Diggle indicate the damage has spread to his back and he risks paralysis if he keeps fighting in the field. This is mainly from the drug he used.

Olvier can't shut the concert down, and Diggle can't fight right now. Team Arrow can't decide who should lead.....then Oliver enters and suits up.

Turns out the bomb is a decoy. James tells him there is no bomb and that he wanted to talk to Green Arrow. James tells ARrow he cost him his son. He doesn't elaborate on the how and when this happened but he intends to make the city burn.

A video of Team Arrow is leaked and shows Team Arrow beating up the fake cops at the concert, but no one knows the cops were fakes. The anti-vigilante law will pass thanks to this.

Oliver wants Diggle to continue as GA once he is healed. Diggle agrees.

Thea awakens from her coma, a bit weary but her mind appears intact.

Felicity states it was an experimental drug that helped awaken Thea not Lazarus Pit water.

episode ends as they gather to celebrate the holiday.

Hm, okay Thea is awake, did not want to be Speedy any more and Wild Dog has taken over her job at the mayor's office and Diggle is still walking wounded with risk of paralysis if he gets hurt too badly.

Anyone ELSE getting that feeling that Thea is about to become the next Green Arrow? She could wear a padded up suit to hide her gender and in addition to the hood part of the costume she also wears a ninja mask to cover the lower half of her face thus hiding that GA is now a woman.

Diggle could suit up in his costume and helmet again and use his fists and guns and still be a hero.

The alternative is that Roy returns and suits up as the new GA.

I also wonder if our hi tech villain has helped cook up evidence for the Feds about Oliver as GA? a recent Legends of Tomorrow we saw that in the future or a future, ARGUS is rounding up all super powered beings and in the present an anti-vigilante law has just been passed....

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