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Subj: Arrow Jan 18th
Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 at 06:29:49 am EST (Viewed 1268 times)

Team Arrow soldiers on despite the rift.

A "business man" who is the last of the Bertinelli syndicate is being forced out by the villain of the season. He asks for a ship to be named Huntress, after his cousin.

Curtis latest attempt to insert a chip into Diggle doesn't help his arm but it causes signal interference with a bug that was planted in the Arrow Cave. They also make a Six Million Dollar reference

Bertinelli causes a minor crime to get Arrow's attention. He suggests that Arrow get a website or a spotlight with an image of an arrow in it.

Bertinelli tells Arrow of the attempts to muscle him out and threaten his daughter.

Dinah has a date with Vigilante

Thea returns as Chief of Staff for Mayor Oliver

Arrow attacks the enemy base on his own. It almost works but he gets surrounded by all of the enemy forces including Vigilante! Arrow is allowed to escape despite the protests of some of Cayden's forces

Oliver refuses to reform the team but will give the deserts the intel on Cayden James, Diggle and Felicity tell the others

Bertinelli attempts to flee town but Arrow intercepts and asks for his help against James.

Dinah confronts Vigilante, he knocks her out and escapes and also shows off his regeneration powers.

Curtis and Wild Dog talk about the Arrow cave being bugged and it seems James leaked info to the Feds to get Wild Dog to flip

They set a trap for james' forces and Bertinelli's, shoot out occurs and Arrow is taking them out when Vigilante appears. Diggle attempts to use some of what appears to be Curtis' spheres to help in the fight until they are taken out.

Cayden has Bertinelli killed.

Back at the Arrow cave we learn that Felicity has debugged the place.

Arrow is forced to realize that he needs to reform the team. However the three of them decide to form their own team instead.

Curtis shows Wild Dog and Dinah their new base, the former lair of Helix.

james is concerned that Dinah knows Vigilante works for him

Felicity installs a chip that Curtis modified into Diggle's arm.
His hand still trembled for a moment, then stabilized. Oliver tosses him a pistol which he easily catches and quickly chambers a round and aims it at the wall. Oliver comments they are now not as undermanned as they were.

All in all......yawn.

Just not feeling excitement.

Oh joy, another Batman reference......(sarcasm)

So the other three decide to form a team....why do I sense a short lived spin off series is coming?