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Subj: Arrow Jan 25th
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James launches a massive cyber attack on the city.

One of the casualties is officer Frank Pike

Diggle is practicing at the arrow cave which has not been relocated, and he comments that he's never been faster....or stronger.... I get the feeling that chip won't be the wonder cure that they hope it is. New tech, not quite tested, applied to a degenerative neural condition.....yeah let's see how that works out.

Felicity alerts the other team, they agree to share intel.

Vigilante tells Curtis that he is working undercover in the enemy organization and gives him some intel to attempt to stop another attack. He also tried to tell Dinah the other night but didn't get the chance.

James confronts Oliver in the mayor's office and makes it clear he wants revenge for his son. He givers Oliver a deadline to wire 10 million dollars into an offshore account, and then 10 million every night until further notice.

Cayden states that a year ago on this day, one of Oliver's arrows missed its target and hit James' son.

Felicity learns that when she thought she was stopping him by hacking the firewall in the previous episode, she inadvertently opened the door for James to hack in and plant a virus to control the city infrastructure.

Oliver tells them what he was told about how Cayden's son was killed, but at the time Oliver was recruiting Dinah into the team.

Curtis gets Felicity to confirm the intel he was given whihc involves the train systems

Diggle gets a new suit and helmet

Canary uses her scream to stop one of the trains so they don't collide

William gets everyone off his bus but gets trapped. GA saves him and the kid learns his dad is GA again. William is taken to the Arrow Cave and is not happy with his dad.

Curtis suggests they call their team the Outsiders.

Thea works with Quentin and Oliver to help save the public.

Felicity determines that the evidence Cayden received was faked.

Diggle expresses hope that he can put the hood back on and Oliver can be retired again.

Oliver holds a press conference and reveals Cayden's cyber attack and how he has set up analog safe houses for people to take shelter in. Cayden however appears to have expected this and launches his next phase.

Felicty continues to dig at the trail of evidence Cayden received about Oliver allegedly killing his son.

Vigilante slips more intel to Curtis and his team

Two teams unite to stop Cayden's attack

Felicity talks with William about Oliver.

Vigilante saves Wild Dog, Dinah is pleased....

William is impressed

Tension still exists between the teams

Oliver has a father-son talk with William, William now realizes he has Felicity and that the city needs GA.

The attempt to get the evidence to show Oliver is innocent fails and the episode ends with him ordering the money to be wired to the account....

Okay so we get Diggle back in the field. He's not showing any signs of malfunction but the fact that he feels faster and stronger then ever should be a sign of concern. That chip could really torque him and send him out of control. he also hopes to wear the hood again so Oliver can retire again.

William grows up a bit, and also keeps his head in a crisis....hmmm, Green Arrow Junior perhaps?

WHY ARE THEY STILL USING AN HQ WHOSE LOCATION IS COMPROMISED?????? If Curtis can take the time to find his team a base and set it up, then Oliver's team can find the time to move to a new location.

Cayden is clearly at least 3 steps ahead of Oliver.

Vigilante is a double agent but Dinah does mention that in the past when he's been undercover too long the lines blur a bit, but so far so good.

If Oliver really wants to get the drop of Cayden and shut him down he should do something that Cayden may not expect:

1. Contact Roy and see if he can slip into the city and suit up again.

2. Get Cisco at Central City to breach/portal to Supergirl's Earth and see if she or Guardian or Martian Manhunter can come to Star City to lend a hand. I sincerely doubt that a shape shifting telepathic martian or near invincible kryptonian was planned for by Cayden.

3. Thea suits up as Speedy again. This could slightly throw Cayden's plan off but he may be expecting this too.

4. See if Cisco or Killer Frost can lend a hand.

Prediction: at the end of the season Cayden will be convinced Oliver didn't kill his kid. He will then use his formidable hacker skills, possibly in conjunction with Felicity to thoroughly wipe out all evidence the Feds have the Oliver is GA, and Wild Dog will choose to not testify against Oliver. Without the evidence or testimony the case collapses and the FBI will either quit or she will keep digging around.

Question: if the evidence Cayden received is faked, who faked it? Well Nyssa springs to mind and I have read she is returning.

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