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Subj: Awesome Feats *SPOILERS*
Posted: Wed Nov 22, 2017 at 02:41:54 pm EST (Viewed 682 times)

I've given Green Lanterns a second chance and I'm glad I did. Jessica has really grown as a character. I'm especially happy that the writer has pretty much dumped the anxiety crap (for the most part). Now that Jessica is mostly past everything I found irritating about her, she's a great character.

In a recent issue of Green Lanterns, Jessica managed to hold together a small planet all by herself while a star was going supernova. On top of that, she's inside the planet saving the natives from being crushed to death. That's some serious willpower.

In Action Comics #992, I see a feat that I have never seen a GL ring accomplish before. Hal Jordan opens a portal to Earth all the way from Mogo (Mogo is the in the center of the Universe, so who knows how many light years distant that is). Superman flies through the portal and instantly arrives at Mogo's location. This is one impressive Hal feat and an ability the Power Ring rarely, if ever, shows. So, I'm very glad to see a ring display such power. We really don't get to see nearly enough of the amazing things a ring can do.

It's interesting that a hero/villain performs one amazing feat, or use a power they haven't used for 20+ years, and that automatically propels them to a high status despite scans and evidence to the contrary. I don't know what is worse, selective feat picking that has only been done once or twice 20, or more, years ago or ignoring evidence from scans or the lack thereof. We need to stop putting our favorite heroes/villains on pedestals and start putting them where they really belong. But it's evident that people never will because they would rather accuse others of cherry picking feats, when they don't, and being 'morally superior' when they aren't. I guess being honest and as fair as possible only opens one up to being the target of childish accusations and fault finding by those who insist on acting petty and childish. What happened to a good debate between two civil, mature, adults?