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Don't get over here often.

People go on and on about refrigerators, but she died in a kitchen too. IMO, she deserved to come back a long, long time ago since DC just keeps resetting universes. There really isn't even a good reason for her to have ever died anymore. The only reason she exists as an idea is to "prop up" John.

Bring her back. Not for John. For herself.

On the other hand, is there really a point other than nostalgia? We now have a much better Korugaran female. Room for more?

John's got huge problems of another type. He's a black character that's never really been allowed to be black. Resurrecting Katma won't really help him. Fatality would probably be better for his future. But he needs a complete redesign, starting with his past. Something more than just a tacked-on military marksman background.

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Part of me would like to see Katma returned, if only to reverse the stupid way she died. The other part of me thinks "It's been over 30 years now, why bother?" So I don't know.

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They brought back Arisia, Kilowog. Didn't Salaak die amd come back? Obscurity or length of time missing hasn't really been a factor so far.

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Barry Allen was brought back after what? 20 years?

Look how long it took for Marvel to bring back the original Torch and then years later they finally restored Bucky as the Winter Soldier.

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