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How Jack Kirby would have loved this weekend!

“Thor Ragnarok” looks like Kirby was the set and costume designer and even uses artwork from FF 64 in the background of the Grandmaster’s skybox at the coliseum.

“Justice League” features parademons, the Motherbox and even lists Kirby and the Fourth World in the kredits.

It’s good to be the king!

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Terrific - Looking forward to seeing these two movies.

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Ed Love

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I feel like there's a lot of crowing for them doing practically the bare minimum. Thor is barely portrayed as he is in the comics, the Warriors 3 have been pretty much wasted in the movies (and we don't see Baldur, Enchantress, or Karnilla in favor of Idris Elba as Heimdall and a Dr. Strange cameo... given the plot of Thor: Ragnarok, seeing Enchantress or Karnilla instead would have been far more preferable). Hiddleston does a great job with his role, but he's still a far cray from the powerful looking and malevolent Loki of the comics. Hela "looks" the part, but her backstory is different (in this case Kirby did follow the myths a bit closer, where she's Loki's offspring and not necessarily evil as much as serving a necessary function). We get some set background characters and pieces straight from Kirby in the Grand Master's planet, but not at all in the treatment of Asgard -- how often did Kirby present a hundred fantasy soldiers all dressed alike in mundane colorless outfits? Basically, there's some Kirby in some designs and story but not in the places it really counts and belongs.

The other problem is while praising for what little they did for Kirby, let's not forget how even so much less fidelity they paid to the likenesses and characterizations of the works of Broome, Norris, Infantino, Thomas, Buscema and others in the characters of the Grand Master, Valkyrie, Aquaman, and the Barry Allen Flash where it takes some deliberate hard effort to go as far off the rails as they do.

I feel like I ordered a steak dinner and in reviewing it, I am ignoring the steak and saying, "they served a great side salad!"

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