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Paste Pot Pete 

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Share your GSBA related Christmas loot.


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Ted Kord

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Got a lot things not directly related to comics this year, but in the comics vein there was a nifty DC Coloring Book for Adults and the Wonder Woman Blu-ray. The former features some of my favorite cover images and the latter was the best superhero movie of the year (sorry Justice League).

Ted Kord (formerly Rip Jagger)
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Nose Norton

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My wife and I recently bought a house and part of my sacrifice was to sell some comics. It was tough but worth it in the end.

For Christmas, my wife got me Essential Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1-3 to make up for the comics I sold and I have to say that there are instances where the Ditko and Romita artwork look absolutely brilliant in black and white. I especially like the look of the Green Goblin/Crime Master story in ASM 26-27.

I also got Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 from my 13-year-old daughter. These super-hero movies have made buying for ol' dad so much easier. I've always said that it's almost impossible for a non-comic fan to know which comics to buy for me and how much to pay but I'm happy with pretty much all of the Marvel and DC movies and all you have to do is check out the video shelf to learn which movies I don't have.

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Rose and I have been out almost every night this week sharing the Christmas spirit with our sons. Christmas presents related to this board's content included the following: From my wife, Rose, - Showcase Presents Superman Family Volume One featuring early Jimmy Olsen stories from the 1950's and the first Lois Lane solo story and a CD collection of the Great Gildersleeve radios shows; From my brother, Chet - DVD's including Highlights of the 70's, Spider-Man 3(vs.Venom);The Dukes of Hazzard. Outside the board's contents, I also received 4 fiction novels; 3 non-fiction books; Quantum Leap 3rd season; many model railroad accessories (a flatcar carrying two 1953- the year of my birth - pick-up trucks; a toy store, animals, streets; streetlight, fence, Toys for Tots figure, house, church); Indoor snowball Fight novelty game; and chocolate candy. I am truly blessed and thankful for such a caring family!

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