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A question I was thinking about and since you guys know a lot more about comics creators than me, I thought this would be the place to ask.

I've heard a lot about the talented creators who are kinda unliked for one reason or another, like Stan Lee, Ditko, John Bryne, Christopher Priest, Chris Clarmont, Jim Shooter, Todd MacFarlane, etc. I was wondering who has the reputation as a nice guy to work with?

I've never heard anyone say anything bad about Archie Goodwin for example. But I'm curious if anyone knows comics nice guys?


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Ted Kord

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The first that came to mind was Jack "King" Kirby who had a great reputation with fans, at least in his early days at cons and such. He even had a rep for treating fans nicely when they visited his home. He was possibly too nice according to some stories, as he'd get taken advantage of.

Another who comes to mind and one with whom I have personal experience is Herb Trimpe. He has a solid rep and was even a minister after he left comics. When I met him at a con he was nothing but patient, friendly and gracious.

I've always heard that Dick Giordano was extremely nice, as well as Joe Staton. Neal Adams, for all his fame, is a guy I don't recollect having a bad rep in person. Joe Kubert was famous for his friendly and robust personality too.

Some artists I suspect were perfectly nice people, but just not especially public. Drawing comics is a private profession and I suspect taken up by folks who don't mind lots of private time. But to be successful in the modern world of comics, it seems you have to do the cons and that takes some skills with people.

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