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Author Topic: Marvel RPG review #11: Cosmos Cubed

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If always had a preference for underpowered, street level heroes like Spider-man, Cap America etc staying away from more powerful, cosmic heroes. And RPGs tend to do the same, so I was unsure how this module, concerning the Kree and Skrulls struggling to create a new cosmic cube, would strike me.

First up, the roster of heroes: holy heck! Let's see, we have the Silver Surfer, who I've never seen in one of these before. Also Mantis, who was hanging out with the Surfer at the time. To that we add both Thor and Beta Ray Bill, both powerhouses. And also we get both Firelord and Nova (Frankie raye) two former heralds. Then we get Dr Strange. Rounding things out, we get the ultra strong Gladiator of the Shiar (whose stats dwarf all the other heroes). This is by far the most powerful bunch of heroes I've ever seen in an rpg.

Silver Surfer
Beta Ray Bill
Dr Strange

It even gives advice for playing "cosmic" characters, about how they can think in terms of eons and seem cold with regards to lower life forms.

The adventure itself has all kinds of cosmic awesome, starting off with the heroes trapped on a mystery planet that "Spoiler" turns out to be Ego the living planet.

The mystery leads them to Attilan and an all out battle with the Inhuman royal family and ultimately culminates in the heroes trying to save Galactus from the elders of the universe. The final boss fight involves all of the elders against the heroes, including the grandmaster who can use his death power to outright kill one hero per round!

This is an outstanding module that would make a great epic storyline and manages to challenge these uber powerful heroes fairly. The only question is: this is the first in a trilogy, where do they go from here? How do you follow up on the elders "killing" galactus?

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