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might as well just say true, true to everyone! Added John Byrne.

Subj: Which writer had the best last issue?
Posted: Mon Jan 24, 2011 at 08:32:25 am EST (Viewed 714 times)

Hey everyone, Abby here back for yet another list. What can I say, I'm a listaholic.

Peter David - Without a doubt to me, PAD had the best last issue. I wasn't to fond of the what could have been angle at first but the next 10 years of Bruce's life was narrated very well with intriguing possibilities for the Hulk to ponder on. The last page was also very sad as the last thing Rick remembered was kissing Betty.

Jeph Loeb -
**Viewer Warning, this will probably piss you off** Wow, so it's already come down to Loeb? Jeph was starting to wrap up his Red Hulk run quite nicely explaining Ross's motivations into becoming the Red Hulk and his true relationship with Sampson. Which lead into the final issue nicely as we got to see the narrative of both points of view from Bruce and Ross as they beat the shi* out of one another. Jeph has to this date portrayed the best Ross evar!!

John Byrne (1st run) - Though John's run was cut short (both times lol), John's last issue did feel like his run had come full circle. By first bringing Betty back and than having them get married, to than of course in his last issue bringing back Rick and Rulk.

Bill Mantlo -
This is a tricky one. Bill's actual final issue was just Bill paving the way for John Byrne and setting up the Alpha Flight crossover in order to promote Bill being the new writer of Alpha Flight. It actually seems to me TIH 312 was Bill's last real issue in which he had the freedom to tell the story he wanted to. Though TIH 312 is not my cup of tea and I hate the stories that this issue would lead to, I cannot deny this issue was well written and may have even contributed to comics becoming a slightly more serious art form. If I'm judging by TIH 312, Bill gets the top spot.

Al Milgrom - I still can't believe this guy got to put Ross out of commission for over 10 years! Non the less, it was nice to see Ross realize that he was wrong about Bruce before he died after seeing Bruce save Betty for the 100th time lol!

John Byrne (2nd run) -
John's story about the plant people has gotta be one of the most underrated stories in the Hulks history. This actually gives me a slight idea for a new list...

Greg Pak (1st run)

Joe Casey -
A weird last meh issue that got into Bruce's head and troubled childhood past. Don't F with the Watchers!

Paul Jenkins -
Such a shame to see such an otherwise good run end up with a cheesy empty feeling story with the Spiral Staircase. Frankly, I think Paul could have done waaaay better than this at wrapping up the Devil Hulk, the ALS, and the breaking the fourth wall non sense. Paul just mainly passed on his final story over to Sean McCeaver I'm guessing and than slapped his name along side his.

Bruce Jones -
Well, a crappy ending to a crappy run, what did you expect lol? So this whole thing was just one big hallucination Cluster Fu** or something by the Leader? Though Sampson still had the eye patch and Betty was still weird, so I guess some of it must have happened.

 I only mainly remember that extremely OOC moment Betty had when she went on and on about how much she hated Bruce. I know Betty is a bit** somewhat, and sometimes, people say things they don't mean but wow, that has gotta be the most annoying hate speech I have ever read!!

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