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Subj: EW link revisiting the 08 Hulk film. And then how would today's Marvel Studios brass handle that film THEN?
Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 at 07:26:55 pm EST (Viewed 485 times)

Specifically, Feige and Marvel Studios know everything THEN that they know NOW. How would their first Hulk film look?

Easy Changes-
Director- Louis Letterier OUT. IN I think they'd go James Gunn over Taika Waititi.
Star-Ed Norton Soooo OUT. Ruffalo IN. Norton not being a team player according to Feige was why he was replaced. And Ruffalo fits today's MCU so much better than Norton ever could.
FX-Rhythym and Hues OUT. ILM IN. Turd looking Abomination goes bye-bye with them.
Date-O8 OUT. 09 probably November IN. Part of the problem was the rush job on script and effects. Marvel wise enough now not to be married to summer … especially for Hulk. June unlucky month for him it seems.
Script-Not bothering to look up who did it but he's OUT. James Gunn's script IN.
Pairing up heroes. Hulk is in Ragnarok. Iron Man is in Spider-Man Homecoming. Falcon was in Ant-Man. Everyone but Thor and Hulk were in Cap Civil War. 1000% Tony Stark as Iron Man is co-starring in this thing.
Tone-3 tries at humor OUT. Omnipresent Humor/Jokes/quips IN. Just is.

I think film cold opens in an action scene vs origin. For ex: I could see Present-Day Banner in Canada (not Brazil) as bait for Wendigo. Could be a fun, horror type style that then morphs into todays Marvel action opening. Where its Hulk and Wendigo pounding the bleep outta each other.

After Banner emerges and in thinks back on "how he got here" i.e. his origin. Maybe round a year ago. And this part takes round 30 minutes. Think they'd have all key players from the first film in this as well as Blonsky and Sterns. An accident of some kind unleashes The Hulk. Then he causes a secondary accident as he's leaping away that creates The Leader and The Abomination. Who after a brief display of their power, also escape.

Time jump back to Present Day but focusing on Sterns and Blonsky. Their lair would be expansive, creative and fun. Leader would have an Army of various Humanoids, robots, humans and cyborgs, Rock and Redeemer. And his ultimate muscle, The Abomination.

A higher tech, maybe drone-ish Army tries to bring Bruce Banner in. Hulk smashes. The we get Iron Man vs Hulk. yada yada yada, they come to an understanding.

The Leader launches an all out assault on something somewhere. Hulk and Iron Man team up and eventually win.

After credits scene shows Galactus ripping off the Knowhere Celestials' head cuz Feige knows Disney is buying Fox in 2017/2018. \:\)

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