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I noticed that the Green Scar was considerably larger that the Savage Hulk in Bruce's mindscape. Was the Green Scar's physical manifestation noticeably bigger or is this just how Bruce and the other Hulk persona's see him? Sorta of like how Bruce saw the Devil Hulk as a grotesque thing initially in his mind?

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I thought that the WW Hulk was physical stronger and bigger then prior Hulk versions?

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Devil Hulk

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As far as We know, he really is bigger and stronger than the other personas.

"The first ever Hulk comic was a horror comic. The sell wasn't the strength so much as the unstoppability — it's made very clear that nothing can hurt or hinder him."
"His strength was just part of his unstoppable nature – he was more like the bomb than a superhero, and one that might randomly go off against friend or foe alike."  Al Ewing
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ft and Know savage was 7 ft and 1000 pounds, wasn't WW Hulk roughly 8 ft 1500?

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Well he was weakened at first from the portal that took him to Sakaar but his growing range and being hit by a bomb in the arena seemed to take care of that problem.

After that his anger just kept growing and so did his power, until finally when the warp core went off and he survived it and was even stronger and able to go world breaker later in WWH.

So yeah I'd agree he should be bigger and stronger then the others.

However I see Green Scar not as a separate persona, but possibly a different merged persona. Professor is an equal merge of savage, grey and Banner.

Green Scar struck me as being more Grey in control, with the power of Savage augmented from the anger and radiation, with maybe a smaller portion of Banner then the Professor had.

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