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He is severing ties it seems not because Bennett is irredeemable or unforgivable but because now their time working togetber is coming to an end he doesnt want to be associated with his collaborator's history.
Its pretty shit but he doesnt owe him anytbing.

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Marvel finally gave him the heave-ho. Newsarama reported that they removed him from all current and future projects. Hope is was worth it for him.

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'Ewing cuts ties with Bennett'

Did he have to do it so publicly, that is the question.

It's one thing to disagree with someone, to dislike them even. But when you announce to the Internet that you don't like or agree with with a fellow media body then you know exactly what you are doing when you do so. You know what the consequences will be to yur fellow freelancer and creative.

Al Ewing knew exactly what he was doing. Waiting until his run on the book was over, and only then sticking the knife into Bennet and essentially ending his career in the mainstream, or at least greatly damaging it.

He didn't have to do that, he chose to do that however. And I don't think it reflects well on him...

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His followers are aware of Bennetts artwork as is the fan press and he's constantly being asked if he supports it and questions his integrity.

There's also the issue of the fan press to consider.

To frame it like a calculating move is up there IMO with qanon conspiracies.

When you put your money where your mouth is its speaks volumes. Ewing did that which says to me he wanted to definitively put it behind him and give a solid response to all the questions.

Besides as the run ends, if imagine he'd like to get questions about the run instead of his contributors political views. I don't blame him.

As for Bennett as anyone knows he makes TONS off commissions..

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    To frame it like a calculating move is up there IMO with qanon conspiracies.

No, that isn't what I said.

There is no need for Al Ewing, or anyone, to come out and throw another creative person under the bus like this. None. All you do is keep to your own concerns and let others make their own minds up on a subject.
We are in an age where the internet allows for instant 'execution' and it is becoming the case that it is dog-eat-dog for any creator, that included Al Ewing potentially, so in a business where people now have to reuluctantly accept that they cannot trust fellow freelancers, and freedom of expression is a fallacy, the only way forward is to try to stay away from fellow freelancers. To try and go solo, via substack or crowdfunder.

As not only will you have full control of your own output and creations, you won't be living under the constant worry that one of the people you work with, as a freelancer, isn't going to attempt to destroy you via the internet.

It isn't about whether Al Ewing has an opinion on Joe Bennet. It is about Al Ewing knowingly and willingly coming out very publicly and knowing he will almost certainly destroy Bennet's career in the US.

That lack of any thought or care of a fellow creator reliant on commission, just as you are, doesn't leave you with a lot of respect or trust from you other fellow creatives and freelancers.

Because they can't trust you.

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On one hand, it's no doubt a bad look for Ewing to wait until the end of the run to call out his artist who has been with him for virtually the entire way. Albeit there is the possibility that he might have said something sooner, but his employers (Marvel) could have told him to keep it quiet for fear of hurting sales. But we'll never know for sure.

On the other hand, Bennett is an adult who has been courting controversy for years now on topics that are generally unacceptable to corporations like Disney who basically tip toe around in fear of attracting the attention of the cancel culture crowd. Yet he just kept on doing it. Hard to shed a tear for a guy who adamantly refuses to take responsibility for maintaining his own livelihood.

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Say what you will but Bennett is solely responsible for his own sabotage.

Live by the sword, die by the sword.

I could say the moderators of the board are 8 year old kids and draw caricatures of them but if I was banned, it's my fault because I was stupid enough to do so in a public forum. If other forum members reported me to them, it wouldn't be their fault, it'd be mine for being stupid in the first place.

If Ewing hadn't said anything, there'd still be the Bleeding Cool article.. and what then? Is it his fault for reporting on something newsworthy that Bennett was dumb enough to publicize? That's not cancel culture.

There's freedom of expression but not freedom from consequences. Too many people fail to grasp that.

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This was a public disassociation with added judgement of 'guilty' after the run was over.
Didn't seem to be any attempt to reach out to his erstwhile partner for his opinion (many Brazilians on twitter were stating they were corrupt politicians and none of them were Jewish and no anti Semetic intent is there : 'We often portray bad politicians as rats' one said.) I do not know personally because I am not Bennett but this is the sort of thing to ASK your creative partner about.
It is quite reasonable to assume that Al seems concerned with his own career being tarnished -as he is obviously well aware of cancel culture - and making donations to two charities that had nothing to do with Brazil or Jewish people does tend to bear this out. More a 'I am a hard core left winger' signal to two charities that were obviously close to his heart anyway.
Or maybe he was worried that if he *did* donate to Israel the left wingers would cancel him for being *right* wing? Oh the webs we weave Al.
As to the most important question - did Al know about the 'reprehensible' artwork before his run finished? Well that's between him and his conscience I guess.

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Concerns were raised about Bennett several months ago about what seemed to me to be fairly innocuous background details in a scene in a jewelry store. Bennett is not the fastest artist. He's a very good artist, but he also didn't always keep to his schedule. The editorial dept could have replaced him at any time. It's not like Al Ewing is in charge of hiring and firing.

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