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Grandpa Grimm

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Comics I really enjoy always have a cast of great characters that grab my attention and want me to keep following. Story content and art is very important, too. Here's a list of books out there right now I enjoy. Anyone else following these?

GOD IS DEAD by Jonathon Hickman/Mike Costa and Di Amorim AVATAR
More than anything, I love the concept of different religious pantheons vieing for control of the population and so far this hasn't failed to disappoint with some great artwork and supporting cast.

FERALS by David Lapham AVATAR
I'm a sucker for werewolf stories. Very adult orientated artwork and writing.

EAST OF WEST by Jonathon Hickman and Nick Dragotta IMAGE
Might be the very best book out there right now. Old west/sci-fi/fantasy feel with the end of the world right around the corner. Hickman is just an excellent story teller with an awesome imagination.

DEATHMATCH by Paul Jenkins and Carlos Magna BOOM
This series just finished up and its been a lot of fun. Highly recommend the TPB to any interested in seeing some unique and some vaguely reminiscent heroes fighting to the death to save reality.

THUNDER AGENTS by Phil Hester and Andrea DeVito/Roger Robinson IDW
I am a huge fan of DeVito's artwork and story telling ability. Same with Hester's writing/plotting so I've been enjoying this book. Its got an old school pulp feel to it with these classic characters but not in an overwhelming way.

ASH, ARMY OF DARKNESS by Steve Niles and Dennis Calero DYNAMITE
The cult classic brought to life by two great talents.

KISS ME SATAN by Victor Gischler and Jaun Ferreyra DARK HORSE
More werewolves. (Gotta love 'em) With a really cool anti-hero from Hell trying to redeem his soul and save some very sexy witches in the process. The part time gal at my local comic shop recommended this to me and I am glad she did!

I've been with this series since the beginning and still enjoy it to this day.

Tarot, Witch of the Black Rose by Jim Balent BROADSWORD
This is not for everyone. Very adult themes sexually. Sometimes it adds to the story. Sometimes it distracts but I usually enjoy it and have also been around since issue 1.

Zombies and Vampires and a really interesting study of interaction between the two. I really like Brook's writing and imagination.

One of my favorite comic characters of all time. I can't get enough of anti-hero Cal McDonald. Drinkin', smokin' cussin'...these are a few of my favorite things in this guy as he battles a wide array of horrible creatures of the night in his own inmitable style.

There's more, but I suddenly realize I am out of time. Will start another thread at a later date and feel free to discuss. Might be best to start a new thread with each book if you are so inclined. Will enjoy hearing from others.

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Grandpa Grimm

Location: Des Moines, Ia
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GODZILLA by Swierzynski and Gane AND Mowry and Frank IDW
I've been enjoying both titles from IDW. Mindless fun....YES The kid in me has a lot of love for Big G and IDW does it with some really fine storytelling style!

LEGENDARY STEAMPUNK ADVENTURE by Bill Willingham & Sergio Davila(?sp) DYNAMITE
The first issue was exceptional starring Vampirella, Red Sonja, Green Hornet and there will be more guest stars galore. Bringing some literary and tv heroes together in one wild adventure. Team up books with characters one would never expect to work together is always fun (League of Extraordinary Gentleman style) and this series looks excellent.

DOC SAVAGE by ChrisRoberson and Bilquis Evely DYNAMITE
Long time fan of Doc here and after being disappointed by many attempts from other companies I think this creative team has promise after just the first issue. Look forward to the second of 8 that will show Doc and his team in action through subsequent decades.

I've also been enjoying a resurgence in the Crow over at IDW and do follow the HC trades of the Walking Dead by Image. Resident Alien by Hogun and Parkerhouse thru Dark Horse is very good, too. All as time and money permits. There's a ton of great indie work being produced these days and do wish I had more time and money to invest in more and am always interested in the opinion's of other fans on what might be worth checking out.

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Ed Love

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From the interviews, I fear the first issue of Doc Savage is going to be the exception instead of the rule and at that I merely found it to be ok. The future issues are to bring him into the present day and from the looks of it with new aides. This is what torpedoed the 80s Doc Savage by DC, it failed to realize that part of what makes Doc successful is his crew. Sideline them through age/death and replacing them with Mary Sue characters, you're going to lose a big part of the built in audience. And, they need to find an artist that can keep the characters on model. Most of the time, Doc was the same height as everyone around him, Monk was the same size or taller and the way to draw him as homely seemed to be to just make him look angry. The others were just generic looking.

This is not to say that there aren't changes that can be made. I think to transition from pulp to comic, and the change in audiences, there are changes that can be made. Such as an expanded and stable supporting cast. Each of Doc's aides are tops of their fields and professionals, more of their lives and people they interact with should be seen. Personal professional enemies in rivals in the court room, the universities, and in the field when on jobs. Regular police and government liasons, regular reporters that follow, or attempt to, to get the stories. Love lives. Families. Surely, not all stayed confirmed bachelors or were only children with dead parents who were only children. Lost loves or friends from the War or their University days. There's plenty of gaps and places that can be filled in without sacrificing the main characters or going off model with them.

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Grandpa Grimm

Location: Des Moines, Ia
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I noticed some of the same artistic flaws you mentioned, too. I didn't think Monk looked apish enough and the height irregularities in regard to Doc's size and Johnny, too. Lets hope that improves. All in all, I felt the artwork was good, tho. I think the premise of showing his life through modern times is an interesting one. Sounds like its been done before, tho which I had not realized. As to Doc's 5 aids, I'm hoping we see them in action through the first few issues at least. With legacy characters taking their turn as the 5 age and die to assist Doc in his adventures. You really are correct in they made the books far more interesting with their unique individuality. I am remaining optimistic.
Remember Marvel's old black and white magazine adventures with Doc? I thought they were really enjoyable and the best representation through the different efforts I've seen over the years to bring Savage to this medium. They had their own flaws, too, tho.
Thanks for responding, Ed. Nice to see some activity on this board!

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