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Subj: Dark Horse's Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle #'s 1-2 (of 12); thoughts and questions
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Recap on the first page:

Chapter One

2003: Cyberdyne researcher Dr. Serena Kogan achieves a breakthrough in cybernetic development. Though her terminal cancer means she will not live to see it, Kogan hopes her discoveries will save countless human lives. Her research is later perverted by someone with Cyberdyne to create a hybrid Terminator from the body of convicted felon Marcus Wright.

2018: In an effort to rescue resistance soldier Kyle Reese from Skynet, John Connor stages a daring assault on its facilities in San Francisco, crippling the production of Terminators. In the battle, John is mortally wounded, but Marcus resists Skynet and gives his life to save John's.

2029: Now leader of the resistance, John prepares to finally crush the machines, but a resurgent Skynet has its own endgame...

Houston, Texas, 2003: I man (human or Terminator?) comes out of a time-jump, just outside the city, in what may be a junkyard-type area.

Dallas, Texas, of the same time: Near some inner-city club, one woman and two men (apparently Terminators) appear from a time-jump, break into the club, demanding their clothes and weapons immediately. After a brief fight, they get their way, then leave, embarking on their next objective: Finding a man named Thomas Parnell.

Back in Houston, at The Tyrone Real Estate Offices, the guy from the start (now with clothes) has broken in, and is doing a computer internet search for "Thomas Parnell". A police officer comes into the building, noticing the break in, and the guy hears a "creak" he makes coming in. He then quickly finds and prints the info on the guy he needs, knocks out the cop, then gets away.

Back in 2029, Colorado, John Connor gives a speech to the other resistance fighters at the camp (in a tent, I think) on how intelligence has revealed that Skynet is almost done making a "time door", and that they must secure it for themselves, no matter the cost, as it's the key to them winning against Skynet. Afterward, outside in the camp, a guy named Simon (the person time-travelling at the start) talks with John about Skynet knowing about the past time-travels that John remembers. John explains that Skynet only remembers things that occured since it became self-aware, and that that gives the resistance an advantage. Kate shows up, and Simon leaves to give them alone-time. As he departs, he asks if there's anything else to the coming assault that John didn't explain, but John tells him to go get some sleep, and to tell Kyle Reese that "It's time".

Elsewhere, at Skynet HQ (I'm guessing), the A.I. is testing itself to get the time door tech working. However, there's an overload, and asks Dr. Kogan (in the nearby operation room) what the analysis is. She states the system is operational, but unstable; continuing that it will take "2-3 days until the system can be used without endangering the subject in transit. Maybe a tick more." Skynet doesn't understand "click," with Kogan commenting on how she's never built a time door before, barely understands the math around it, and is used to just "the organic aspects of the project"; then states that "tick could be an extra day on either side," and that they probably won't know for sure until they actually send something back." Skynet suggests the T-800 units, as they're outdated and exposable. Kogan then leaves the room to check on the "Phase 2 Prototype", and makes some note-to-self comments while monitoring.

Back in 2003, Thomas Parnell is hiding out in someone's house (Texas), watching a news program about his escape from a prison van, and hijacking a car. Apparently, he's at the hijacked person's house, having killed him and his family that lived there. Parnell makes some bizarre conversations with the nearyby dead in the room that he killed, then leaves to take a shower and a nap.

Simon is in a gun store, with the owner tied up nearby. He packs up some guns, apologizes to the man, and departs, taking his truck. Before leaving, he also sees the report of Parnell on the nearby TV, as well as the one on himself, and comments how there has to be more info on Parnell than this.

The 3 Terminators have arrived at some hospital, looking for Dr. Kogan of that time, and find her in a hospital bed. She asks "if it's really them," to which they confirm, and says, "Thank god". Simon is also shown on the last page, in the car he stole, and Parnell in the shower. Dr. Kogan next states she'd almost convinced herself that she'd been "imagining the messages," that she's been "deceiving herself," but that it was all true, and was finally saved...

To Be Continued...

Recap on the first page:

Chapter Two

2003: Pioneering biotechnician Dr. Serena Kogan creates a radical technique for combining human biology with machinery, successfully placing Marcus Wright's brain and heart into a cyborg body. Later succumbing to cancer, Kogan lies dying in a hospital, where she is visited by three much more advanced machines from the future. The Terminators and a resistance fighter named Simon are also in a race to find psychopathic killer Thomas Parnell.

2018: Awakened from hibernation, Marcus discovers that he is no longer fully human and that the computer intelligence Skynet has influence over his thoughts and actions. Befriending John Connor, Marcus ultimately sacrifices himself to save John.

2029: Having risen to lead the resistance, John marshals his forces for a final assault on Skynet, but a somehow revived Dr. Kogan is aiding the machines in the creation of a mysterious new weapon...

Somewhere outside Houston, 2003: Simon is looking over a map on the hood of his stolen truck, listening to police communications on tracking down Parnell. He figures he'd hide out in a place more isolated, rather than heavily populated, and decides to check out a part like that shown on the map.

At the hospital where Dr. Kogan is: She tells the woman at the counter that she wants to leave, but she tells her that she can only be released to family members, due to her given illness. She tries to convince her they're family, but the receptionist isn't buying it. The woman tells her all the many things she'd have to do to get released, but during that, one of the male Terminators uses extensions from his fingers into a power-socket to cause a temporary blackout, giving them time to escape. In a red car neaby, the four take off. One of the male Terminators explains that they're going to her research facility. One of them will stay with her there to "begin the process," while the others pursue the primary target. The female one asks if her lab is sufficient for their needs, to which Dr. Kogan confirms, "thanks to them."

We get a flashback with Dr. Kogan, seemingly before her illness got real bad, talking with someone on the phone while also on the computer. On the phone, she states to someone that she might have gotten proper treatment if her disease had been noticed before, but she now has six months, at most, to live. She also talks about regretting not going to be able to do more with her tech, and not having the resources, then gets an instant message on her computer screen, saying: "Dr. Kogan. We are aware of your situation. We can help you to survive. To live. To achieve everything you've ever dreamed of. We can save you. We repeat: We can save you." Dr. Kogan tells the caller she'll call her back, and types "Who is this?", and the person responds: "You wouldn't believe me if I told you. Stand by to receive first transmission. This formula will delay cancer by no less than one year. Work with us and we can cure you completely. We can save you. We WILL save you. And you can save the future." She's now talking to a man in an office, who about the medical discoveries she now has, who says the potential revenue is substantial, and asks her what led to this break-through. She said he wouldn't believe her, and he asks her if she has any ideas on what she'd lik eto do with the money. She says, "A few." It's then visually explained that she used the money to make her lab, with her and the Terminators now arriving there in 2003, in the red car. She and one of the male Terminators get out of the car, with her telling them that she'll get everything ready, but she's been monitoring the news about their primary target, Parnell, and thinks he won't let himself get captured alive. The female Terminator says for her to leave him to them.

Parnell, now wearing one of his victim's business suits, states he's got no chance of getting past all the road-blocks, so he'll "go out in style". He considers getting a new suit, perhaps one that isn't polyester, and finds one of his victim's stash of guns and ammo.

Dr. Kogan and one of the male Terminators are walking through a lab hallway. She explains: "This is where we do most of the research on growing new skin from stem cells and grafting them onto metal plates sheathed in silicon, per your request. Ironically, the project also received a substantial grant from the government on the premise that it would help with battlefield injuries. What's MORE ironic, is that, after all these years of research, all I'd have to do now is to take a sample of his skin, which is based on that research. Which is kind of funny, in a, 'Which came first, the chicken or the egg?' kind of way." The male Terminator doesn't get it, but Dr. Kogan then takes him into another room, where she says "this is where the other project you requested was gettting done," and shows him "Bertie", a robotic rodent (in a carrier cage) that was "their first successful transplant of a living organic brain into a housing based on Terminator makeup."

She now moves in front of a large door, and places her left hand on it.

Kogan: And here's the final result of your investment in me.

The door opens, and they step into a large room with what looks like bodies kept in cryonic stasis tubes. Dr. Kogan says it took her awhile to get the state of Texas to give her access to the bodies of executed criminals for purposes of study, but once she got it, she was able to use them as specimens for use down the road. She points to one in-stasis specimen, that he can be quite useful, but the Terminator states all these are "to be considered backup units of secondary importance, such as infiltration, espionage, sabotage...but Parnell is the primary target and donor." Dr. Kogan agrees, also confirming with him that once Parnell is in cryonic suspension, she'll get her turn to be also, as per their agreement. The Terminator agrees, restating that the agreement had already been honored, or he'd not be there. As they leave, I think it's suggested that the subject Dr. Kugan was referring to was Marcus Wright, as his name appears on the side of one of tubes.

Colorado, 2029: John and Kate are standing near Marcus' grave, John contemplating on why Skynet went overkill with sending a cyborg like Marcus after them like that, as "the technology needed to insert a living brain into a Terminator body is huge. You don't just develop that tech infrastructure for a single MISSION that can be accomplished in other ways." Both continue to muse over the whole mystery of him and the discovered living-tissue Terminators, also from 2018, when one of his followers tells him it's time to get ready. John gives a huge speech to all the resistance, outside at the base, rallying the troops, and explaining how the attack will carry out, and the upmost importance is getting the time door intact, and the destruction of the Terminators and their Command Center is secondary. Afterward, John asks a soldier if Kyle Reese is on his way, and he confirms he is.

Back in 2003, Simon is trying to think where a serial killer would hide. He finally figures the guy'd hide at the house of the guy he car-jacked, and takes off for their immediately.

Parnell, as he's getting ready to leave, hears tires squealing, probably thinking it's the police, except it's Simon breaking through the back door, guns in hand, yelling "Thomas Parnell!". Two of the other Terminators also break through the front door, the female one saying the same. Parnell takes cover as Simon and the Terminators have a huge shoot-out. During that, Parnell escapes in a car (probably the one he hijacked), with the other three chasing after him in their vehicles.

Back in 2029: Dr. Kogan tests the time door by sending a message to herself in the past. Specifically, the one that was sent to her a small while after she first learned of her illness, as shown earlier in the issue.

Elsewhere, John leads his troops to "the final battle"....

To Be Continued...

While these two issues are good, I'm left with a TON of questions. Normally, with the movies, I had an ok time rationalizing the time-travel, but this story has me really confused, on a lot of levels, like how this fits with the four movies. I may just hold on asking questions until all 12 issues are out, I suppose. Depends if things get more complicated shortly.

Also, this "Enemy Is My Ememy" LS previewed at the end of the 2nd issue of this: Could someone better explain the premise, because I'm lost on it.

- Rodimus

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