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Author Topic: With Invincible ending


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As Invincible draws to a close I realize there is a void. Or at least I think there's one. This comic has been amazing as it shows what seem like 'four color super heroes' but in a very brutal and realistic world. It's a magical combination of dark and gritty with classic comic book heroics. It's consistently been a favorite since I started reading it (which was a year or two into the run. Thanks to folks here I became a fan) Now the entire collection sits on my shelf waiting to be complete and fearing the end.

But is there anything else LIKE this book out there? Savage Dragon comes to mind with it's real time progression and ultra violence but it's not quite in the same grain. I hear my man Grimm touting the virtues of the Valiant books, but I'll admit my collecting dime seems a bit thin when looking at the diversity and depth of the line. Aside from a few offshoots Invincible was pretty self contained, like Dragon, so I never was compelled to dive into a full line of comics to enjoy the one book completely. Is there anything else out there like this? The only other book I'm enjoying as much is Seven to Eternity but that is FAR from a super hero book and very young (and perhaps destined to be a considerably shorter run).

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