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Subj: Iron Man #596 preview
Posted: Thu Jan 25, 2018 at 10:07:58 pm EST (Viewed 297 times)

I gotta say, the art is awesome here. That close-up of Riri's eyes is actually intimidating. That's damned impressive to convey in a comicbook.

I still don't buy that the current iteration of Stark Enterprizes has any right to the armor. Stark invents that in his spare time, not as a company product. If it were a company product, the board should have sued him ages ago for fiduciary responsibility failure, since he uses company resources to create something not intended to be sold. The impression I've had is that Stark invents minor products for his company, and uses the profits he makes on those minor inventions, combined with his stock dividends, to fund his private laboratory, making any invention created thereby his private patent and property.

Moreover, even if I'm wrong about all of that, the companies that held the patents on his core armor designs are long since defunct. This new, very young company wouldn't have the rights to any of it.

In short, Stark should be perfectly within his rights to leave the armor designs to anyone he wants.