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for some reason I have been thinking about the role of heroines in the JLA and the DC universe as a whole. In the "Created Equal" story (I think that was the name of the 2-part where all the males were killed except Superman) there was an all female JLA. I thought it was interesting that there are more women in the DC universe than in the MARVEL universe who have equal power levels to men and a few even have equality in in the "brains" department/scientific backgrounds etc.

Wonder Woman is supposed to be highly intelligent (wisdom of Athena), Oracle is highly intelligent and gifted, Mary Marvel supposedly has the wisdom gift, Madame Xanadu and Zatanna are intelligent enough to be powerhouse magic users, and Dr. Light is a scientist. Whereas Marvel has very few women who stack up in brains or power.

If your JLA had to be comprised of 6 to 12 only female members, who would they be?

RULES: there should be a depth of skill, personality, and power in the group. So various powers, differing and even conflicting personalities, etc. You can bring back a dead charcter and exagerate personalities slightly to cause more friction

so it can't be all Powerhouse strong women (like Diana, Barda, Supergirl, Power Girl, Mary Marvel, Donna Troy) or an all Birds of Prey skilled type team (like Canary, Huntress, Judomaster, Flamebird, Batwoman)

so who would your team be?

I will go ahead and throw mine in:

1. Wonder Woman--make her primary leader in battle which often causes friction with other heroines

2. Vixen-----let her strive to be a first rank heroine, have her be overprotective of teammates in battle,

3. Black Canary----secondary leader in battle and "glue" that holds the team together, seen as the level-headed peacemaker type who is still respected for being a butt kicker

4. Raven----different set of powers from most other heroes and would creep out newer heroines, maybe make her more creepy than she is currently

5. Starfire---powerful and savage in battle, make her slightly more frightening in battle and cause friction with others

6. Zatanna-----powerful and another level-headed well-liked heroine

7. Dr. Light-----make her a little more haughty at times

8. Firehawk-----have her politics cause problems and make her more of a gloryhound

9. Faith-----give her a personality!!!! and let her be more of mystery to most of the team

10. Hawkwoman---bring back Shayera and make her more like the animated version where she is fearless and doesn't hold back or add Huntress and allow her to be a little more ruthless again, or bring in Batwoman and make her more ruthless and unsettling to other members

11. Gypsy----have her be overlooked by the other heroines and often disregarded, have her prove herself to the team

that's mine for now

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My All-Female JLA would be:

#1 - Black Canary;
*2 - Dr Light;
*3 - Phantom Lady;
*4 - Silver Sorceress;
*5 - Tomorrow Woman;
*6 - Vixen;
*7 - Wonder Woman (leader).

That would be it.
Not exactly the most popular femmes from all the DCU, but Wonder Woman and Black Canary are there as the most popular female characters of the team, Dr Light is a scientist, Silver Sorceress is the magic specialist, Tomorrow Woman the resident android, Vixen has the "nature" connection and Phantom Lady is really pretty and photogenic. She looks great on covers. She's a top-model.

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just for fun, i saw the number 12 and thought that it would be cool to create the all female team loosely based on the zodiac; now i'm no expert on the zodiac so i just tried to relate each character as close as possible to a sign i thought would match them, (so please don't get all nit picky for any of you astrology buffs, this is just in fun)

1) WW- Leo; the courageous leader
2)Oracle- Libra; the balanced source of knowledge
3)Powergirl- Taurus; headstrong powerhouse
4)Dr. Light- Cancer; introverted scientist/ energy manipulator
5)Jade Canary- Scorpio; unpredictable martial artist
6)Amethyst- Virgo; serene sorceress
7)Fire (Bea)- Aries; hotheaded fire user
8)Ice (Tora)- Aquarius; cool ice manipulator
9)Tsunami- Pisces; connection to the ocean world
10)Stargirl- Saggitarius; straight-shooting protege
11)Sister Superior- Gemini; split-personality tech user
12)Vixen- Capricorn; animal powers give a connection to "the red"

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