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Author Topic: JLA #7 questions... [SPOILERS]

This issue was much better than the first five. Roy was the best character in the issue, granted he was given the most focus. Still, was neat to see BC, Hal and Ollie comments about him and his self-promotion from Arsenal to Red Arrow didn't come across as hokey at all, as it might have. The obvious sentimental moments were good. Bruce and Clark talking was well done. All the art was fantastic as was the team photo (taken by Snapper to boot!).

10 questions for a returning reader...

Batman would've said no to Hal because of brewing spite over the Parallax thing still?

All incarnations of Terra are currently dead/gone post 52?

It would be a simple thing for Reddy to put the Amazo or Parasite parts back in should a mission call for it?

This is the first time the neat term 'Slideways' has ever been used?

Is there anywhere with each trophy labelled for returning reader identification?

What series is Dinosaur Island from?

Where was Niles Caulder last seen and what happened to him?

Where was Starro last seen and what happened to him?

Did it seems Dinah did NOT know Hal's secret about Ollie's gift?

Why did Supes burn the group photo?

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